Rise and Fall of the Comic Empire Part 10

Marvel and DC come together while forces within Marvel are pulling it apart and threatening the very future of the Marvel Universe. Plus, Vertigo.

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  1. I was wondering how “John Grisham meets Mel Brooks” thing was relevant.

    I saw the JG, but not the Mel.

    “They were Jews, You know me, I wouldn’t bring it up, but”…

    There’s the Mel Brooks side of things.

  2. …Wow. Shit like this is why I despise big businesses. Well, at least we got Marvel VS DC/DC VS Marvel and the Amalgam universe out of the whole ordeal, right? …Right?

  3. Before I watch this, this reminds me of the scene in Any Given Sunday, where Al Pacino, I believe, tells Cameron Diaz that Willie Beamen is TEARING THIS TEAM APART.

  4. This has been awesome series. I learned a lot about in time in comics that I don’t hate as much as the last 10 years. Linkara calls 90s the dark ages. I call the last 10 the darker ages.

  5. There was a lot of drek in the 90s for sure, but for me DC hit a sweet spot with characters like Kyle Rayner, Steel, and Azreal. A lot of people forget the 90s also gave us the return of The Big Three in JLA, something that had been missing since the mid 80s.

  6. You may want to change the tags labelled “reise and fall of the comic empire”

  7. Wow, just when you think this whole sorry episode couldn’t get any worse…I mean…my God. I am really fascinated to learn how Marvel managed to become a functioning company again.

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