Rise and Fall of the Comic Empire Part 12

With the battle for Marvel over, a new era emerges that might save the company if egomania doesn’t destroy it first. Plus, Rob Liefeld doesn’t know when to quit.

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  1. The moment Chuck mentioned Marville, I could almost hear Linkara anguished screams.

  2. Wow. I can honestly say that my respect and enthusiasm for Rob Liefeld knows no start,

  3. Man, the Office is a more uglier thing than I thought. Who honestly would laugh at a man who lost his company and had a partner run off with his money?

    • Add to that that the only reason they didn’t like Lee in the first place was because of how badly their own boneheaded and short sighted decision had backfired on them.

  4. If you ask my opinion, there is no real rising or falling of the comic empire. Just like there is no real sunrise or sunset. Its all a matter of perception. With the backing that Marvel now has of its Gigantic Film Industry. I believe a new renascence is just over the horizon.

    We just need to get rid of a few people like Dan Slott and I kind of hate to say the next name, but Jonathan Hickman. Another thing I think needs to happen, at least on the marvel side,all of the Unused and mishandled film rights need to revert to Marvel and Disney. Fant4stick fucking sucked and they are already working on a sequel.

    Both Slot and Hickman are pretentious douche bag assholes.

    Comics also need to stop being made just to sell and make money. They are no longer passion projects. People talk so much shit about Grant Morrison but he is one of the few Major Writers that still tackle everything he does like a passion project.

    DC needs to stick to its T.V. shows and animated movies. In the past decade or longer, when ever they have tried to do a Cinematic Adaptation, its been shit. But I love Flash, Arrow, and Constantine. And I absolutely adore the animated films and franchises.

    • People in general need to try lots of different things to find what they are good at. “Smallville” sucked but I know that its existence informed the creation of “Arrow” “Flash” and other live action stuff on the way. And the WB have put out lots of animated stuff that has rankled people, or were competent but not special.

  5. Wow. Man, I knew SOME of this stuff, but not others. In particular, Liefield being an a-hole to Simon and Kirby, and the mocking of Stan Lee. Yikes!

    OTOH, it’s been a fascinating video series to watch. Looking forth to the final part!

  6. Spoiler alert, for the first half of the year Marvel’s had almost double DC’s share.

  7. And now you know why Linkara won’t give Rob Liefeld or Joe Quesada an iota of respect-this proves they don’t deserve it

  8. This is well written analysis. I’m just surprised no one knew Liefeld is an egotist or Quesada an elitist.

  9. SF debris have reviewed marville? where can I find this review?

  10. Dromedary Meat Cactus

    Side note: an early ’90s project Gerber did for Marvel, the “Foolkiller” miniseries, is actually really good and you should check it out.

  11. It sounds like Steve Gerber needed to get his head out of his ass.

    Auteurs are great and all, but sometimes you have to listen to outside forces and adapt rather than constantly spitting at everyone in whining rage.

    • Dromedary Meat Cactus

      You’re basing your belief that a dead man you’ve never met who meant a lot to a lot of people (including George Lucas) was “constantly spitting at everyone in whining rage” on a video’s brief description of a few moments his life? Get your own head out of your ass, wannabe internet psychologist/career counselor.

  12. Sorry Chucky boy, my respect for Liefeld has not diminished, but i’ve certainly lost respect for you after your character assassination of him in part 3(no his comic did not kill Mark, Mark was the one that hired Rob in the first place), you know you could actually get sued over that, and honestly I hope you do.

    Also MAX was a damn good imprint, the Punisher was at his absolute best there as it could tell mature stories and bring the Punisher back to his former glory after he had become a joke with the Purgatory storyline. Punisher MAX is my favorite comic series of all time bar none, Slavers is the darkest and most disturbing story i’ve ever read in a comic, and it’s all the better for it.

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