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The story of a police officer struggling to save a dystopian version of Detroit that’s descended into misery. That he’s a cyborg is the only reason this isn’t a documentary.

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  1. Damn. Long enough to be the movie.

  2. Who knew that they had so many problems while making masterpiece that is original Robocop.

  3. This is one of the things I like about SF Debris. He doesn’t just talk about the media and critique, he takes the ideas of the time of it’s creation and the intentions of the creators into account to give a rounded perception on the media in question while attempting to avoiding biases. He didn’t have to take the time near the end to explain the effects of privatization and modernization and how both connects to the movie, but it allows us to think about the movie in a different way then an over the top shoot-em-up movie.

    As always, awesome review!

  4. Another good retrospective of Robocop, to add to the ever growing list of good retrospectives of Robocop.

  5. I love this film. But, I think you kinda missed the point of the “Clarence Stabs Robocop through chest with metal spike” part. As you said at the beginning Paul Verhoeven was all about the Christ allegories, he made it appear as though he was walking on water, he made him die and get reborn, it’s all about the Jesus symbolism, and the stabbing is also an allegory.

    In the Gospel According to John, whilst Jesus was on the cross and at his weakest, he was stabbed in the side by a roman soldier, that didn’t believe in him, with a spear. Robocop, whilst buried under a pile of rubble and at his weakest was stabbed by a soldier that didn’t believe in him.

    Come on, man, this is Christ Allegory 101.

  6. These last couple of weeks I’ve had real problems with stuttering videos on this site {not just SFDebris’ but other critics too.
    For some reason they won’t buffer properly either – buffering maybe 20 seconds then stopping.
    And if I try to go back to a previous point the whole video resets.

    It’s getting so that they are just unwatchable.

  7. One of my favourite movies, melted guy’s so gross, that I skipped this part now.

    I love the scene in the 2nd one with other robocops, it’s so hilariously funny.

    When I was young, I couldn’t tell Oldman from Dick apart.

    Strange that there werre no Robocop theme in the video.

  8. Now that I think about it, “Strife: Quest for the Sigil” had an ED209-like robot whom I can’t recall ever being placed anywhere near stairs.


  9. Sorry SF Debris, I liked your other movies, but now I think You are a bigoted idiot. Funny thing is, that I am from Poland. It was a marvelous journey to go to USA in 60., .70 or even .80. But now it wouldn’t pay off the price of an airline ticket. This is how “reganomics” and the rule of coroprations change the world.

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