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Dead or alive, we need to read this thing.

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  1. I have a theory, that Linkara is actually gonna become the Enity in the end.

    • Honestly, I think it’s much more likely that he’s turning into a new Vyce. Vyce’s backstory is as a hero who threw away his morality to combat the Entity and began conquering universes to protect them from it. Now Linkara is starting down the same path to combat both Vyce and the old gods, including the Entity.

      Hell, for all we know, Vyce is an alternate universe Linkara, just like Mechakara is an alternate universe Pollo.

    • I think Linkara is becoming the new Vyce.

      Which if Vyce does become the new Entity then maybe all the outer gods were once the Linkara of another universe.

      • @TaranAlvein and @TheSKARD1 I think you’re both right; actually come to think of it, Vyce may just as well be Linkara from the distant future!

        But that still leaves the question, of where The Entity, or New Entity if you will, will fit into this?!

    • Hmm. You know, the thought did also cross my mind.
      Kinda like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  2. Devil's Advocate

    the idea of time travel they are going with still makes no sense. it’s never clearly stated but Terminator clearly works on the multiverse theory of time travel, nothing Future Lady does should effect the future she came from, only the future of this new timeline.

  3. It’s about time you got back to RoboCop vs. The Terminator. I’m also happy to know that you’ll get back to SUPERMAN vs. The Terminator.

    I first heard of the new All-Star Batman while looking through the shelves of a comic book store. I even asked the cashier if it’s better than “The Goddamn Batman,” and he said it is. And it’s a good thing that Rebirth made The Dark Knight a fan of rock & roll.

    4:14- Frank Miller just looooooooooves his narration.

    6:50- True. ED-209’s first kill was on a OCP board member, and it was very bloody, especially in the extended cut of the first RoboCop.

    It would have been fun to see a Tron inspired version of RoboCop while he’s in cyberspace.

    11:45- And then Bonkers Betty past by to say “Sperm Bank!”

    14:50- I was also just thinking of that MST3K clip.

    I also agree that this comic is pretty good, outside of the deaths of the kid and the dog.

  4. This is a pretty bad ass looking comic! I really like how the harsh and crazy Robocop humor is blended in with the cold robotic Terminator future doom. A good review too!

  5. Huh. The most surprising thing about this franchise crossover has to be that it’s not a hyperbolic, incoherent mess, especially compared to the comic based on Frank Miller’s Robocop 2 script. Which, being adapted and drawn by others should be Miller Lite, but reads like the Millerest sludge ever.

  6. So… if she had never traveled back in time to try to stop Robocop from being plugged in to Skynet, he never would have been curious as to whether or not he could actually do it.

    And so… once again… Time Travel has Doomed us all!

  7. Kind of surprised you didn’t use the song “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” for this one, especially since the lyrics have Robocop and Terminator right next to each other!

  8. “No credit was ever given to the Spleen!” – I’m the Sxchpleen! If you want to know what my sxchuper powersxch are, jusxcht pull my finger!

  9. On the subject of the after-credit story line, I’m excited to see how things are going to turn out.

  10. Again, the last scene was a fourth of the whole video. “Harvey Finevoice, why do you look so much like me?”. “Because I’m you in other role”. This comic’s fight scenes do look cool. You should do Alien and/or Predator comics sometime soon. They actually made “Alien Vs. Predator Vs. The Terminator”.

  11. You forgot to point out, that the Terminators go to an absurd amount of effort to be “inconspicious”… after they materialized in the middle of a crowded sports events in #1, with hundreds of live spectators and TV cameras (of course, no one in this comic universe seems to react to this or remember it afterwards).

    As an aside: I still think Scott Snyder is a hack. His “Owls” stories are full of “tell, don’t show”, to suddenly include left-field developements he couldn’t be arsed to build up properly (like the Talons being zombies or Batman having a secret brother), Batman acts very out of character (almost as bad as Crazy Steve, how he treats Nightwing at the end of CoO…disgusting) and is a crappy detective (he obviously can’t anticipate Snyders’ “nolaning”, but he also misses quite obvious clues).

  12. Stupid Dumbass complex Sci-Fi narratives that are put in after each comic review.

  13. Why do you put these complex Sci-Fi drama narrative stories in your hundreds of episodes anyway Linkara? Because God knows a comic book (even a long one) review is never enough.

  14. This is a rare one where I actually have the comic you review! (Same applies to Superman Vs. Robocop, next week.

    That ‘stupid invention’ line always strikes me that it’s only in there to troll.

    “… responsible for many, many innocent people dying.”
    … Um, actually: 1. Apart from that guy set up in the first movie, everybody they’ve killed has been guilty of something.
    (Obviously, something they shouldn’t be killed for, but something.)

  15. The one thing I hate the most about Frank Miller is his habit of bolding completely random words with no rhyme or reason. I know he is not the only one, it’s a strange habit of some American comic book writers, but still. It makes no sense and it’s only annoying to read.

  16. Unless I am mistaken, nobody is in check after Linkara moves that knight at the end of the episode. The only piece the knight is now threatening is the pawn on the right. Am I wrong? I wonder if this mistake is actually part of the plot, like Linkara is playing a mad game with made-up rules.

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