Rocked Album Review: Disturbed – Immortalized

After almost five years Disturbed return with their new album they kept secret from everyone, including their families and diehard fanbase.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Did you know that fair use barely exist anymore….. just curious

    good review and no more fifty shades references (those movies suck!!)

  2. Man, I dunno. I kept following the previews and well…

    “The Vengeful One” was okay, but the video turned me off like nothing else. Ugh. The imagery was like some teenager’s anti-establishment school asignment. “Immortalized” was slightly better but it still didn’t get me fired up like Disturbed usually does.

    SPEAKING OF WHICH, “Fire It Up” legitimately annoyed me. A song about pot? From Disturbed? What the hell is this crap?

    By the time I got to “What Are you Waiting For?” I was kinda demoralized. Am I just super jaded now or something? Or is everything else on the album better than the four songs they chose to advertise their album?

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who was annoyed by that music video. “Some teenager’s anti-establishment school assignment” is a pretty great description of it.

      • My problem with that video wasn’t so much the imagery but the amateurish-looking effects on The Guy. And the fact that The Guy was using guns. If you’re going to go over-the-top cheesy epic, go over-the-top cheesy epic. The Hand of God should be throwing around blue fireballs, not resorting to firearms.

  3. I love this album. I actually quite liked “Asylum” (and am possibly the only Disturbed1 to enjoy “Asylum” and have no use for “Believe”), but this album definitely outstrips Asylum. “Immortalized” keeps to Disturbed’s sound and shows their evolution, while familiar lyrical themes crop up. (Whether this is a pro or a con seems to depend on who you are.)

    I’m not a huge fan of “The Light”, but really my only problem with the album is “Fire It Up”. I don’t fault them for making a song about pot, especially since Draiman has said he usually writes melodies while high, but the intro with the bong noises is just silly. Out of context, it’s not too terrible of a song, but they decide to place it between “Save Our Last Goodbye”, a song that seems to be about a friend dying of a terminal illness, and the surprisingly brilliant cover of “The Sound of Silence”. BAD idea, guys.

    I actually recommend the deluxe version of the album, which has three excellent bonus tracks. One of the bonus tracks, “Tyrant”, is actually my favorite on the album except for maybe “The Vengeful One” or the title track.

  4. I completely lost my mind when “The Sound of Silence” started. Holy crap.

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