Rocked Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six

While many hard rock fans thought that Five Finger Death Punch wouldn’t survive another year, out comes the band’s sixth full album Got Your Six.

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  1. Good review, especially the line about how they’re capable of so much more. It’s the same sentiment I’ve had about them for years. 2013’s WSoHatRSoH (now there’s an acronym) was quite surprising, especially volume 2 in its writing and overall sound. This is just disappointing, it’s like Way of the Fist but with better production and I don’t consider that a good thing.

    • Well said. I read in another comment on YT and agree with that they just need to take time off and focus. It will help them in their own lives and with the band (as well as future releases).

      • Honestly, I’d love to hear what happens when they combine the furious anger with the writing of volume 2. I consider Let This Go one of the highlights of that album because it shows PERFECTLY that they can balance anger and thought in their lyrics with decent execution.

  2. Can this band die a slow and painful death plz?

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow it looks like five finger death punch has had a huge dip in quality!!! Good review though and I feel bad for these guys don’t you?

    • I really do. They are capable of better but can’t figure that out.

      • “…this is our best material yet. I swear to God.” Ivan, honey…no. God is probably calling bullshit.

        I still like their sound enough to listen to this album, and I really enjoy “Wash It All Away”. And I like “Jekyll and Hyde” because at least it stands out. But this is their weakest album. It feels like they wrote about 40 songs back in 2013, put the strongest and most experimental (okay, except for “Burn MF”) of those on the Wrong Side of Heaven double album, and then couldn’t come up with anything since so they just stuck the weakest songs from that batch on Got Your Six. I hope they can come back from this, but if the band genuinely things Got Your Six is their best, I’m worried.

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