Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Angry Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the first Rogue One Star Wars Teaser Trailers thats more like a Trailer than a Teaser! Here is what we thought!

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  1. The Empire is galaxy wide, as is the war with the Rebellion. Makes sense there would be plenty of specialized troopers, gear or armor we haven’t seen since the original trilogy was confined to relatively few environments. If you only looked at Dunkirk, Stalingrad and North Africa during WWII you would never see multitudes of troop and equipment designs from all parties involved in that conflict.

  2. After the trailer I’m pretty stoked for this movie. They totally nailed the aesthetic of the original film. Also I’m seeing certain Kurosawa influences which is always a plus.

    Apparently Vader is going to be making an appearance as well. I’m going to do my best to avoid any future trailers so i can see him for the first time when I actually go see the movie.

  3. Why isn’t it December yet?!

  4. 1. Yes that is Jan Dodonna behind Mon Mothma on the left(he commanded the Rebel base on Yavin).

    2.The guy in the white uniform is most likely a Grand Admiral(the same Rank as Thrawn); there were 12 official Grand Admirals of the Empire and Thrawn was secretly made the 13th then sent out to the Unknown Reaches to conquer. Which is why he doesn’t show up until 5-6 years after Episode 6.)

    3.The Death Star was primarily garrisoned by Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion(Vader’s Personal Legion of Stormtroopers); so they weren’t a Shadow/Darktrooper Legion(both of which are form EU comics, but can be easily reintroduced because Disney threw all that in the trash).

    4.The guy kneeling with the royal guards might be one of several force sensitive Sith agents the Emperor had, they weren’t as powerful in the force as Vader(and the Emperor didn’t want them to be, because then they might challenge his rule).

    5. The tank might contain one of the Emperor’s clone bodies, which he moves his spirit into when his body gets too old(which is how he has lived for hundreds of years and was hinted at in Episode 3, so Disney canon I guess).

    • Did you not hear the news that the old Expanded Universe was wiped from continuity? I’m more interested in the protagonist’s name being close to Jan Oars, and there being a guy around who could be an interpretation of Kyle Katarn. Though, just inspired by those characters if so.

  5. I saw this trailer yesterday. It looks good. I usually don’t like wars movies (not including Star Wars). I find straight up war movies boring. I don’t know why there is a samurai but heck yeah! Joe, I don’t want everyone to die. Sure, most people can die but SOMEBODY needs to survive this movie or I’ll be personally pissed. Oh, and on that controversy that seems to be going on, I’m a lady. However, I don’t care who leads the movie. Just act well and do the action scenes well whether you’re a dude or a lady.

  6. Y’know, when I saw this trailer? My first reaction was “So wait, it’s a spy thriller set in the Star Wars galaxy, with MINIMAL mentions of the Sith and Jedi? … That’s something I didn’t know I wanted until now!”

    Psyched for this movie. Granted, I loved the hell out of Force Awakens, so…

  7. Maul, huh? Maybe you might want to check out the last couple of episodes of Rebels. Just sayin’…

  8. I would LOVE to see if anything from the Rebels cartoon can make it into the movie. A cameo from Ezra, Canaan, Hera, or anyone really. Given the time frame this movie takes place in they could totally be there, and it would legitimize the cartoon as part of the modern Star Wars continuity.

    • in the last rebel recon video they packed chopper in a crate & stiuck a union jack sticker on the box…. rogue one was filmend in england……

      some kind of easter egg maybe

  9. The Mysterious M

    I’m excited for this movie. As much as I liked and was excited for The Force Awakens, I was more excited for Rogue One.

    Although, at the same time, I’m aggravated by it as well. A group of rebels who steal the plans to the first Death Star…Disney just retconned Kyle Katarn, one of the biggest badasses in the Star Wars EU

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Oh man,I thought it was going to be darth Maul but if Joe doesn’t think so then and a commenter up above said that Vader is gonna make an appearance so I’m going with Vader on this one. Also that one last shot in the trailer makes her look like katniss everdeen so I’m feelin this will ha have some hunger games inspired influences!!!!!!!

  11. Quick, get out the no girls allowed sign!


  13. But where is Mads Mikkelsen?!

  14. This is a trailer, it was made by a marketing department
    Trailer are advertising, nothing else!
    This is just meant to increase sales, that’s alll.
    It’s business not art!
    Trailer are not worth a review.
    Geeks have lost their common sens. They use to love good stories, good movies or comics…
    Now thet are just customers, buying any shit thrown their way.

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