Ron’s Creamy Surprise – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Jesus makes a lousy co-pilot, how to evacuate an apartment complex with a family recipe and I’m gonna save this guy’s life but first … let me take a selfie!

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  1. Oh, face biting from a cat? That means they really love you now! That’s great, Nash!

  2. I agree come to Canada with our true Coke A Cola as you once mentioned and Awesome Prime Minister.

  3. It’s ok Tara, I don’t play Pokémon Go either. The iOS on my iPhone is too old to support it 🙁

    Saying that, I’m apparently in one of the few countries where basically no one is playing it. Why? No one has the newest bestest smartphone (everyone has slightly older models due to being cheapskates). Where am I? Czech Republic 😀

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