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Merry Christmas or other seasonally appropriate holiday! This week we’re taking a break to learn a very entertaining game I learned on Tumblr. (No, honestly, it’s genius). Leave your game mashups in the comments below.

Some things which seem to work particularly well:
People playing Harry Potter
Star Trek characters playing anything
My Little Pony, funnily enough. I don’t really know much about MLP but I know enough for it to be funny, which is what counts!

See you in the new year! (Or maybe before, we shall see!)

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  1. Sadly, I can’t really think of a mashup of my own at the moment. I can however, say that this was fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    Also, if anyone needs proof Mlp would work with D&D: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/75/1/ponies-play-dd/part-1-ponies-play-dd

  2. This is a really interesting idea but you would need a good chunk of nerdy friends to play it with (as in more than 2).

  3. I got one! The cast of Sonic Boom playing Steven Universe! Amy is Pearl because she’s a bit of a control freak, perfectionist, but also very sensitive to her friends. Sonic is Amethyst because he’s Brazen, impulsive, and loves getting on Pearl’s nerves. Knuckles is Garnet because he can be huge, powerful, and in charge of the team for the most part, though I’ll be he’ll ask Amy to play Sapphire on occasions when she splits up, in which case he’d keep playing as Ruby. Tails is Steven because he’s enthusiastic, optimistic, and always learning he has more potential. Sticks is Peridot because she’d find it cathartic to actually play as one of the aliens she is always claiming is coming to destroy them all.

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