RudtheSpud: Napoleonic Wars in 8 Minutes

200 years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated at Waterloo (spoilers). Find out all the times the rest of Europe failed against him for fourteen years in the awesome Napoleonic Wars!

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  1. Not bad but pretty britain focussed.

  2. You’re a ginger? oh shit.

  3. Ned Stark saying “Called it!” made my day.

  4. In the novel, “War and Peace”, Tolstoy claims that the abandoned Moscow burned from the carelessness of the French troops who had then occupied the city. Don’t know if historians agree with that or not. He argues the soldiers, having been battle-fatigued, could not resist the temptation of running about the city and going from home to home enjoying the vast spoils (they forgot to put out the fires in the stoves before they left–seriously, that’s part of Tolstoy’s explanation. It sounds absurd enough to be true).

    • The burning of Moscow was done under orders of Count Fyodor Rostopchin (better known to some by his daugther, Countess of Ségur), who was charged with defending the city. While he evacuated parts of the population, many of the poorer Muscovites were left behind, and many of them would die in the winter.

      He later tried to shift the blame on Napoleon’s army pretty vehemently, which is why this version sometimes re-emerges. To no avail, though, as he ultimately took the blame. Today, that would have been the equivalent of being accused of war crime, actually.

  5. Eye opening.

  6. Actually at the time of Russian invasion Poland was ally of France and was under threat of Russian invasion. That’s mostly the reason why the Russian campaign started, Napoleon trying to protect French interest in Poland by pre-preemptively attack Russia.

  7. I wish I could talk and lecture like that.

  8. I wish I could lecture online or to a real audience in school or college or convention or wherever about a specific time of events in human history instead of just to myself practicing historical rhetoric and discussion with my own Russian accent, cause I’m a huge history buff or know-it-all in pretty much anything about the past, trust me. That being said The Russian Empire back then should have allies with Napoleonic France and half of Europe even after our Czar Paul I actually assassinated by potential British spies in 1801 because he got tired of fighting Napoleonic France and might of suggested a true alliance to combat and destroy Great Britain by marching on to already ruled by the British East India Trading Company India with it’s various small kingdoms imagine French and us Russian soldiers and sailors fighting together against you British, only to be replaced by Alexander I his son who with the exception of the 1807 treaty of Tilsit was for the most part always aganist Napoleon, but that’s speculative conspiring secret world history. Also there was no continental peace in Europe after the Napoleonic Wars from 1815 until the start of 1914, well there smaller wars between individual states or nations and continued revolutions and let’s not forget the unification wars that created Italy and Germany as whole countries run by powerful monarchies from 1848 to 1871 with and Count Camillo Cavour of the Risorgimento and Prime Minister Otto Von Bismarck of the United Second Reich leading the way.

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