Rule of Rose conclusion – Lotus

We fight our way out of being the next sacrifice, but even so, get some tissues, because this has one of the most emotional scenes in the game.

This is one of the more memorable final boss entrances I’ve ever seen. Sends a chill every time.

Let’s see just what this was all about.

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  1. Oh! That “I’m not dead” reveal in Part 17A made me so happy despite what probably really happened.

    All of the endings were letdowns for me but that’s probably due to personal preference. I was expecting something more. I’m not sure what but just something more. Thanks for the explanation, though. That story was more complicated than I thought it was. By the midpoint of Part 17B, I went on a Google spree to try and figure what was going on. It helped that my Google search seemed to suggest that the game is told out of order.

    • What interests me is that the opening cutscene is what’s happening right now – the game’s already over; the whole thing’s a recollection. It was a different take on things, for sure.

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