Rumbling Hearts, Chapters 4-6 – 25 The Hard Way

This is it. The dumbest episode in all of anime. Maybe we’re wrong, but it’s our anime review, damn it. Will Ryan takes Rumbling Hearts to task harder than ever before on today’s 25 The Hard Way.

Today on Rumbling Hearts, we go back in time to discover the origin of Takayuki and Mitsuki’s relationship. It sucks. And it’s awful. Are you actually surprised? 25 The Hard Way’s Kiminozo anime review rolls on.

Following the flashback that spelled the series’ doom, Rumbling Hearts follows up by doubling down on destroying itself. 25 The Hard Way’s Kiminozo anime review continues.

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it’s kind of hilarious how he’s in a complete catatonic stupor until she strips down and THAT snaps him out of it. It’s like, “not only is my girlfriend in a coma because I left her waiting, but now her family doesn’t even want me to see her in the hospital…oh hey boobs!”