Run the Jewels 3 – Goin’ Off #90

RC and Mues look at the miracle of Run the Jewels 3 and that cheesy Apple Christmas commercial.

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  1. “Rappers doing Heavy Metal, your first thought is going to be Lil Wayne.”

    Nope! My first thought is Run-DMC. “King of Rock”, “Raisin’ Hell”, and, to a lesser extent, “Rock Box.”

    And after them, Beastie Boys. You could argue that Beastie Boys were actually a Punk Rock band that dabbled in Hip Hop, and I’d allow it. But still, between Run-DMC and the Beasties are the first to really pull off the Metal-Hip Hop fusion.

  2. Yeah, when that Apple commercial comes on, I just stare at it in confusion every time. I have seen a kid’s lemonade stand about twice in my life. Hey, if Charlie Sheen dies soon, I’ll remember this podcast. On the subject of Ice T, I may listen to his music but I would prefer a clean version and I tend to shy away from social message songs because it reminds me of hometown, I think. The same goes for Run the Jewels. I have no opinion on the horror movie discussion since I hate horror movies. They are almost always depressing. I do top 10 songs instead of albums. Mine for 2016 were: 1. Perfect Illusion 2. Just Like Fire 3. Diamond Heart 4. Sucker for Pain (Clean) 5. Hey Girl 6. Candyman 7. Cheap Thrills 8. Million Reasons 9. This is What You Came for 10. Just Another Day

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