Run the Jewels 3 – Goin’ Off #90

RC and Mues look at the miracle of Run the Jewels 3 and that cheesy Apple Christmas commercial.

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“Rappers doing Heavy Metal, your first thought is going to be Lil Wayne.”

Nope! My first thought is Run-DMC. “King of Rock”, “Raisin’ Hell”, and, to a lesser extent, “Rock Box.”

And after them, Beastie Boys. You could argue that Beastie Boys were actually a Punk Rock band that dabbled in Hip Hop, and I’d allow it. But still, between Run-DMC and the Beasties are the first to really pull off the Metal-Hip Hop fusion.

Yeah, when that Apple commercial comes on, I just stare at it in confusion every time. I have seen a kid’s lemonade stand about twice in my life. Hey, if Charlie Sheen dies soon, I’ll remember this podcast. On the subject of Ice T, I may listen to his music but I would prefer a clean version and I tend to shy away from social message songs because it reminds me of hometown, I think. The same goes for Run the Jewels. I have no opinion on the horror movie discussion since I hate horror movies. They are almost always… Read more »