Sage Reviews: Grand Theft Auto IV

Yet another review from The Sages vault. This ones not actually that bad.

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  1. I’ve played every GTA except the portable versions. GTA IV and GTA Vice City are my favorites. GTA V is great and it is superior in nearly every way when compared to IV, but to me IV has a better story and better radio stations. GTA IV also has one thing V doesn’t . . . Philip Glass’s ‘Pruit Igoe’ already included. When that song comes on the radio you can stop your vehicle almost anywhere and you can just feel the atmosphere of Liberty City oozing out as you pan the view slowly around your vehicle. Check out the 7 minute version on youtube. It’s a mini musical epic.

    “I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here . . . things will be different.” – Niko Bellic

    The PC version was a bastard to get working, but I’ll still take it over GTA V any day.

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