Sage Reviews: The Suffering

In this special Halloween re-review, The Sage takes a look at a true horror classic.

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  1. best way I could describe this game; Silent Hill meets Alcatraz.
    it’s a freakin awesome game, nostalgically, and entertainingly.
    for me, the graphic detail was a bit clunky, even when it was new. but the quality of the game itself was so awesome that the visual limitations were overlooked very quickly. I only with that they could have been able to re-release it renditioned to the more modern & detailed graphics level. this game is too awesome to let fade out. (ties that bind, on the other hand, while fairly good, it was more or less what all sequels usually turn out to be). I really wish to that Psi-Ops was still in works, but that one I guess was overlooked for some reason (they could have at least finished the story. kills me that they left that cliffhanger unanswered). But,.. ah well

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