Sage Special: Movie 43 Vlog

Sage is joined by his friends Gavin and Gabe to dissect what some are calling the worst film ever made. What could go wrong?

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  1. I feel the need to comment.
    When I saw this I was really sick physically and mentally and I thought “Oh hey a comedy movie! Let me go see it to lift my spirits! :D”

    So I went, I went to go see it with my mom because I was sick and couldn’t drive. After feeling like shit I was looking forward to laughing and not having the brain activity of a packing peanut.
    My god. Like… just… jesus. This was probably one of worst things I have ever seen in my entire life. It was just… I don’t know how to even begin to describe it. I can’t even describe how I felt, oh hell I wasn’t feeling like shit anymore. I was feeling horror and disgust and pity for my mom who had to sit there with me. During the whole film I kept thinking “just let me watch 21 and over again” for that was the last movie I had seen.
    I watched it to the end, and when it was finally over I wasn’t sure if I could move from my seat. My mom just looked at me as if to say “What the hell did I just watch?” I didn’t even know.
    To this day I am convinced that seeing that movie just prolonged my illness. My god nothing was done right it was just a terrible terrible movie. I wouldn’t even show this to my pet rock or any of my enemies. Bless those who saw this movie and still had some brain cells by the time it ended.

  2. WHY did no-one else reviewed this shit? I mean… this is a treasure trove of terrible for any net reviewer! I WANT to see a review… so that I do not have to see this thing.

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