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Toonami Month finally wraps up with a look at a film and series that was NEVER made for Sage.

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  1. While DiC version might be best known in West it’s still ruined version compared to original with it’s all changes and added things like having moral at end. It’s really shame that version that most in west know is just shell of what Sailor Moon is and thus most in West don’t know what Sailor Moon is really like.

    • Crossover Princess

      Well there’s always hope for the future. Viz has so far released the first three seasons and this movie uncut. Including the episode with the dinosaur (I know it’s technically not a dinosaur). Those people who grew up with it (including myself) can watch it how it should have been and not how it was with Dic.

      Also side note: People NEVER talk about this BUT S and SuperS when released on DVD in the US did include the Japanese language, there were still edits in the DVDs (lack of original openings half the time and the next episode previews) but it was much better of the dubs…

    • There are plenty of people like me who started out with DiC then moved on to the Japanese version later. In spite of its flaws I do have a major soft spot for the original dub since it’s the version that first got me hooked on the show, and I still really like Makoto/Lita’s voice from it.

  2. 1997, this was literally the very 1st anime I saw. Is it any wonder I thought the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z was the best….man my bar was set low.

  3. So, when I was a young teen, Sailor Moon was one of the only things I could watch in the morning before school. I watched it, but I always felt kind of embarrassed to be doing so. Many years later, WAAAAY after I had gotten into anime and learning more about it, my (now ex) insisted that I gave Sailor Moon a second try, using the original cuts and the sub version as a new baseline. God help me, I gave it a shot. I REALLY, TRULY TRIED! EVEN WITH all the original context, all the original episodes, all the original animation…I couldn’t help but think that this whole series was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AWFUL!

  4. Sailor Moon isn’t the first anime I ever watched, but it was my first anime obsession. This show pretty much dominated my entire sophomore year of high school. It was the first series I ever tracked down subtitled episodes for when the dub cut off in the middle of Sailor Moon R for a while (which wasn’t easy in 98/99), and it was the first thing I ever read fanfiction of. I’m not sure if I’d still call it one of my favorite anime looking back on it now, but it’s definitely a very special one for me.

  5. Loved Sailor Moon back in the 90’s, still love Sailor Moon.
    And yep I’m getting the re-released manga in 2018 with the better translation.

  6. I used to watch the show on YTV as a kid. The biggest draw for me was seeing what kind of weird ass monster of the week would show up.

    Regarding Frieza and Cooler’s similar designs, they are brothers after all so I give it a pass.

  7. -This was aimed at 8-11 year old girls; That was always the case: It just had a fan base that extended beyond that. Its intended demographic was lower than the one of young teens that the manga had! They certainly pulled Batman:TAS moves in places, especially once Ikuhara got really going, but it was never NOT intended for kids. Batman:TAS, BTW, was also right smack in that lucrative 8-11 category, though was considered unisex versus just for girls.

    What DiC did was what all imported animation had to have done to it at the time: Sand off anything that could be considered a rough edge to get the seal of approval from networks and, as different networks always have wildly different standards, strip it further down than domestic material (made under American standards) is allowed to be, to give it its widest marketability. Remember, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest aired in the same era as English Sailor Moon. And, in the US, on the same network.

    – I was hooked the second I saw it in ’95, taped it when it came back in 2000, bought the ADV, Pioneer, Viz releases and went to the theatre this past March to watch this very movie: I think we just might be on opposite sides of the moon on this one.

  8. Creamcheesealchemist

    I seem to recall that Toei was the one pushing for maximum localization on One Piece when 4K had the rights and it may well have been the case with Sailor Moon too.

    As for this movie, I see it as having something of an “ex gay” agenda. Serena/Usagi being the original giver of the rose ties into theories of same sex attraction being misplaced.

    • I kind of see where that’s coming from, but the director of Sailor Moon went on to make Revolutionary Girl Utena, an anime that all but explicitly stated that true love is something that can only exist between two women.

  9. I respect this series for being a part of my childhood, but I’ll keep it there. At present Friendship is Magic is the only girl’s show I have room for in my life that I can balance out with more masculine hobbies and interests, but I at least acknowledge my roots and it’s good to know people still appreciate the classics.

    • Even as a child, I’ve never bought into labels like “girls show” or “boys show”. I’ve always just watched whatever show I like, regardless of it’s intended audience. That said, I’ve never been a fan of Sailor Moon. I can understand why people would enjoy it, but the whole “falling in love while battling the monster of the week” genre was never my jam.

  10. “That is always my motto, even if I don’t follow it…”

    Half of “Sailor Says” PSAs in a nutshell.

  11. I got Viz Media’s DVD release of this on a Black Friday sale at Walmart last month. I haven’t gotten around to watch it yet. In a slightly unrelated note, I think I saw the XBOX One version of Mighty No. 9 in the video game clearance isle at the same Walmart that I got the SM DVD from. And we all know what a big disgrace to the Mega Man franchise that game was……….

  12. I wonder what Sage’s thoughts would be on the S and SuperS movies? They both have everyone’s favorite pair of “̶c̶o̶u̶s̶i̶n̶s̶”̶ lesbians in them………

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