Sailor Moon R: The Movie Vlog – Calluna

I recently got to see the new re-release of the Sailor Moon R Movie! Here’s my thoughts on the new Viz Media dub and how they did with distributing the film!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I went to see this last weekend too, it was the only showing in my city (San Francisco) that played the dub. They didn’t have the interview at my showing though.

    But I did notice a moment where they did clearly change a line to comedic effect, but it’s so quick that I guess you didn’t notice… When the girls are talking about Fiore and Mamoru one of them (forgot which one) says “Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that”. My theatre at least noticed the line, though it did take a few seconds to start laughing, me inlcluded.

    And yes, the theatre laughed at “He threw a flower at me!” line too.

    Oh and I also got the Sailor Mercury card… as you can tell she’s my favorite…

  2. Yeah, I saw the original English dub on Youtube in middle school.

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