Samurai Cop – Hilariocity Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Samurai Cop! A film so bad it’s unimaginably good!

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  1. This is actually only second review of this one that I have seen. First review of this one was one from Obscurus Lupa.

  2. LOL. Just the screen cap for this video made me laugh. Although, I thought you were overreacting about the sexism… until I saw the kitchen scene. Yeah… Anyways, amazing review. 😀

    • Yes, I too laughed seeing Chris’s dopey smile next to a dude with a sword that looks like his eyes are about to bulge out at any moment. XD

    • I don’t think its THAT overly sexist as much as other 80s cop movies I have seen, they do have one scene which I swear is the epitome of Female Escapist Fantasy in which Samurai Cop comes in to the love interest’s living room wearing nothing but a speedo, like a muscle bound hunk on the cover of a Harlequin Historical Romance Novel about lusty Viking Warlords, holding a birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

      Also, LOTS of men portrayed in speedos as Lupa put it in her own review of the movie.

  3. Thank god someone finally reviewed Samuri Cop.

  4. Chris’s fake/staged laughing ruins otherwise good videos. 🙁

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    You gotta love movies where the women behave like total sluts and literally throw themselves at men they don’t even know, because THAT’S realistic.

  6. That nurse sounds exactly like Elaine from Airplane.

  7. Isn’t MST3K going to riff this movie as part of their revival?

    If not they HAVE to! Don’t get me wrong its unintentionally hilarious all on its own, but there is so much riffing material to be had from this movie! 😀

  8. Sheesh, I haven’t seen this many people ready to bump uglies in the middle of their workday since Blue Gender.

    19:29 – They uh, they planning on trying to boink right there? Yeah good luck with that.

  9. You have review Samurai Cop: you have now officially a part of Channel Awesome.

    The final step would be to review a copy of Les Miserables soaked in the blood of a Michael Bay film

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