Samurai Jack Season 5 Part 1 – Unrepentant Geeking

Jack’s back but is that a good thing or not? Shaun’s dives into the world where Aku’s evil is law to find out.

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  1. I’ve never been into Samuari Jack in the past or present so I don’t have anything to say. It was around when I was a kid but it never appealed to me. The only Samuari Jack thing I ever liked was this old Flash game that was on Cartoon Network’s website. LOL. Lastly, I’ve never heard of Sym-Bionic Titan and that sounds like something that would be up my alley.

  2. The new season has been nothing short of amazing. It’s so satisfying to finally have an actual conclusion to Jack’s story. Every episode so far has been good, but I think my fav is the one when he’s recuperating in the cave and that wolf, who I guess is meant to be a kindred spirit shows up. Real emotional stuff.

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