Samurai Jack Seasons 1-4 – Honest Review

As Jack’s Epic Quest comes to and End, ERod takes the time to talk about the original run of one the greatest animated shows of all time.

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  1. Good-bye Jack! You may be gone but you’ll NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! 😀

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    The Imakandi remind me of Ookla the Mok from Thundar the Barbarian.

    Samurai Jack is the kind of show I would have loved to watch back in the day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the show with any consistency. I’d only be able to pick up an episode here and there, and always felt like I had missed lots of backstory. So I never kept up with it. If it’s on the Netflix, I might have to binge it someday.

    I think that outlineless style of animation is probably influenced by Japanese art, which would make sense.

    • That is very weird, as long as you watch the first 3 episodes, then you’re basically good. With the exception of the episodes with the Scotsman, the show had very little continuity and were pretty much just stand alone episodes. In fact at the start of every episode, Aku fills you in on all the backstory.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    I only recently got into this fandom about a month or so ago and I can safely say that Samurai Jack has swiftly become one of my all time favorite TV shows. Samurai Jack isn’t just a show, it’s art in motion. I fell in love with the visual storytelling, the stellar acting and writing, and the gorgeous art. Though the show technically was still airing while I was a kid, I never had the chance to fully watch it since my family could not afford cable. So thanks for catching me up, Hulu :D. Seriously though, Jack has swiftly became my all time favorite hero and Aku has found himself a home on my all time top 10 Villains list (he’s not number one, but he’s currently at number 7.) And holy hell, the fight scenes! I don’t even think I’ve been as pumped over a fight scene in anime that I’ve watched, and I watched a thirteen year old girl drive a semi truck into a witch demon thing. The graveyard fight in particular is my absolute favorite because of how it showcases both Jack’s resourcefulness and Aku’s swiftness and cunning. The many shapes that Aku takes during his fights are always entertaining and engaging, and watching Jack adapt his own set of combat skills to fight him and other villains is also exciting. What more can I say? I agree with E Rod that this show should be required viewing. Whether from an animation standpoint or from a cinematic standpoint, there is no doubt that this series is a masterpiece. It’s also Extra THICC.

  4. I don’t have much to say since I’ve never been into Samuari Jack. Still, this video was interesting. I learned a lot. O.O

  5. Yeah, one of my all time favourite cartoons. I love Tartakovsky’s frequent use of extreme wide shots to convey a sense of space and atmosphere. And It goes without saying that Jack contains some of the most dynamic action sequences you’ll see anywhere. Just finished watching the final season. I gotta say it was bittersweet, in more ways than one.

  6. Considering his origin and what he is it’s fitting that big bad of Samurai Jack is called Aku that means evil in japanese. But it makes his declaration about world being Aku even more funny.

  7. You forgot to mention the Music !!!! I find it to be a very important part in every episode, be it to set the mood or the action. James Venable did a fantastic work on it and the biggest crime of them all is that you can’t find the OST anywhere.
    (And tbh, the new run was sorely missing him)

  8. So the next show you’re going to review is “Assassin Ashi”? Cool. 😛

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