Sapna (Powerpuff Girls 2016) – Familiar Faces

A look at a character from one of the most curious episodes of the new series.

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Familiar Faces, the show that gives a second look at the underrated and forgotten characters from your favorites, new and old.


  1. You’d think, if you’re going to put in a “arachnid expert”, you’d have one on the production team to put in interesting facts for the kids and tell the animators how many eyes spiders ACTUALLY have…

  2. I think the setup for the episode was meant to pay homage to the first appearance of Seduca / Ima Goodlady, but beyond that they needed something different to do. Maybe their planning to make a running gag out of the professor dating villains and monsters.

  3. You are better at the than the writers of the show. Seriously, both of those designs are great with a lot of little elements. Details. Something the old show had in spades.

    • Necromancer1991

      The biggest peeve I have is the fact that a lot of the villainous groups are just palate-swaps of one another, like with a lot of the villainous groups that cropped up the original series they at least bothered to give them all a unique design that fit into a similar aesthetic so they looked good in groups shot but you could tell who was who.

  4. This is the best episode of Familiar Faces ever.

  5. Funny thing: that’s the 1st and one of two episodes I’ve seen. Yeah, IRL it happens just like in the episode, one day he brings his b to house and awkwardness rises, then she leaves him and he turns to emo-beardo, than she returns and it starts even worse. Gosh, I hate this b.

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