Sausage Party – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Sausage Party.

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  1. The Mysterious M

    “Holy shit this movie is rated R.”
    That is a great expression and I’m stealing it

  2. Thanks, Chris.

    I was curious about this movie because all I had seen were the commercials from Adult Swim where it looked like it was going to be essentially endless penis/sex jokes with food and the design and animation looks like it was competently handled, but generic and dull in design.

    I don’t mind some raunchy jokes (I watch Adult Swim after all) but I’m turned off by excessive and repetitive shock humor…I agree it loses it’s shock eventually and becomes tedious. I’ll probably skip this one.

  3. I already knew that Sausage Party wasn’t my thing. Heck, Bridesmaids was too dirty for me. I knew I wouldn’t make it 10 minutes in Sausage Party. Plus, I’m pretty religious. I know when a movie isn’t for me.

  4. Brickleberry’s spiritual successor

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