Savage Emotions – Weekly Manga Recap

Everything seems to be wrapped up in Fairy Tail, a free pizza bet is made over We Never Learn, and a delicious dish reminds the Food Wars judges of bountiful bosoms… for some reason.

My Hero Academia ch. 138 – 5:22

Fairy Tail ch. 536 – 15:03

Food Wars ch. 215 – 28:22

Dr. Stone ch. 11 – 40:40

We Never Learn ch. 12 – 49:31

The Promised Neverland ch. 39 – 1:00:31

Seven Deadly Sins ch. 218 – 1:11:49

Black Clover ch. 110 – 1:20:14

Weekly MVPs – 1:30:25

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Weekly Manga Recap is a podcast focusing on anime and manga.

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  1. Really? You guys are actually reading “We Can’t Study” (that real title’s even dumber). Are you actually that lacking in material?

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