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Mr Pai has refused to cooperate with the New York Attorney General regarding all the oddities surrounding the previous public comment period.

Mr Pai has called Net Neutrality supporters desperate.

Under Pai’s plan the FCC plans to shift more of the responsibility over to the FTC for handling Net Neutrality complaints, but if this decision isn’t overturned, the FTC will have limited options to fight for you!

List of some examples of ISPs breaking Net Neutrality

July 2017 – Verizon slowed streaming.

This is even getting to the state level and interfering with states’ rights as the FCC wants to block individual states from making their own Net Neutrality rules.

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  1. I’m Canadian, so I can’t say anything to any state government. But if Net Neutrality does get taken away in the states, it can affect us (and the world) too. If the FCC & corporations win, then other corporations in other countries will look at it and say: “If it worked in the USA, then it’ll work for us, and we can make a fuck ton of money.” I hope the FCC loses, because a lot of stuff we Canadians take for granted on the internet comes from the USA.

  2. Crossover Princess

    I live in a sweet spot IE: I live in California (a state where both Senators are for Net Neutrality) with a Congresswoman who also came out for it… there’s not much I can really do right now… I did send e-mails to the two in the FCC who are currently against and signed a petition, but there’s not much I can do…

    • It is worth to point out that California is where most of tech-industry is located. So it show that this proposition probably come out from some back-warded countryside where people still use modems.

  3. No Doug, the time to act was November 8th, 2016. Nothing done after that point has any chance of stopping a Republican majority FCC, with a Republican president, a Republican held congress, and a Republican held Supreme Court, from ending Net Neutrality. People were warned of this multiple times. And the last bit pretty much makes any state level efforts completely moot, because it is an absolute certainty that by a 5-4 decision, the Republican Jutices will all say corporations have more rights than consumers.

    People who tried to frame this as not a Democrat or a Republican thing are dead wrong. It is entirely a Democrat and Republican thing, and if you don’t try to ensure Republicans hold no power, anywhere, then you are helping shit like a tiered internet service happen.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edward Burke

      You can do nothing as if you’re defeated. What’ll you wait for next to decide it’s time to act? How will you know?

      • You misunderstand, this isn’t saying we can’t do anything, I’m saying that doing stuff like this specifically is pointless and won’t have any effect. People who want Net Neutrality reinstated and enshrined into the constitution need to focus their efforts instead on getting Democrats elected across America to state, federal and local offices, since you need all three to ensure that stuff like a free and open internet can become the permanent law of the land.

    • We should never be under the thumb of crooks and big business. The Internet was designed expressly to help people, NOT be controlled by business. People need to make a stand and say “No”. Even if the movement fails, you stood up and demanded your rights as a free citizen.

  4. It won’t be long before we see more protests against this “regime”.

  5. Looks like I’m going to have to get a bigger Internet budget or maybe just lessen my time on the Internet. Boy, that’ll be quite a change for me.

    • This bill could reduce or restrict your access to any site which is not owned by big corporations. Which means you’ll actually be spending MORE time on the internet, waiting even longer for pages to load.

  6. I don’t get what an internet provider raising prices for streaming has to do with what you can and cannot do on the net. I mean… you can pretty much do anything already and wiill be able to, just use VPN and a good firewall. LOL.

    • Also, there are more than one internet provider, right? I mean even a little country like Hungary has like 5 choices in the capital, I assume the USA has more than just Verizon. There is also wireless net, no?

      • America is a much much much bigger place than Hungary in terms of land mass. Yes, there are multiple providers within the 3.7 million square miles that makes up America, but they don’t overlap in that many places, and much of America only has one provider.

    • BB Shockwave Internet providers can also charge the sites/companies themselves for quality speeds, leaving lesser companies in a rough spot, small companies in a vice, and leading to less independent start-ups because it won’t be seen as viable to even try.

      ISPs would also have the right to block content that they didn’t want to succeed or just plain didn’t like.

      The major backlash is less about rising consumer costs (though that IS a bee in many a bonnet) but more about the decimation of a level playing field for all online businesses and the restriction of supposedly free-flowing information, China-style: This could be BAD for the economy and for democracy if the ISPs decide to act in a morally repugnant manner. And odds are, to avoid being crucified in the pit of public opinion, the changes won’t be grandiose but small ,yet significant-Death by 1000 cuts.

  7. Well, time’s up. Let’s say our hopes and prayers, everyone.

  8. Y’all want to be neutral and centrist and pro-capitalist, yet you balk at how net neutrality could possibly be ripped from you.

    Perhaps stop conflating hate speech with free speech.
    Perhaps stop conflating capitalism with opportunity.
    Perhaps stop giving a platform to people who do not argue in good faith and who only want to take from the already marginalized.

  9. I read about this on Newgrounds. I signed up and was said to get a call soon. No call came. I think there actually might have been something wrong with my phone. This video was short, but important. I’m glad you got your priorities straight.

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