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Chris Stuckmann and Matthew Brando review Saw.

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  1. When I was younger, I tried to sneak and see Saw. I saw part of it but never finished it. To be honest, I think that’s part of the reason why I hate most horror movies and don’t like gore. Also… if you’re saying this was the tamest, I can’t imagine what the sequels are like. O.O

  2. The first one is a decent horror flick, the sequels just got progressively sillier though. I’ve only seen up the fourth one, what are they on six or seven now?

    • Generally I didn’t watch any outside first movie, because I did consider it as good movie but I have strong feeling that rest would be just a cash-grab torture-porn (and part of one sequel what I see on TV confirm my feelings). I see that I wasn’t one here.

    • For the saw films currently out there’s 7 of em total and jigsaw will be the 8th film which supposedly is going to open up a new franchise of films

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