Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara – Pop Song Review

I’m ugly on the inside!

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  1. I like the occasional inspirational song but it really depends on the song. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera is a good example of the inspirational song done right. All About That Bass is a good example of the inspirational song done wrong. I also like the Fangirl cameo. ^.~ Also, the only Alessia Cara song I like is a remixed version of Wild Things.

  2. Maybe she’s referring to the Atlanta Braves. I don’t know.

  3. I have been hearing this song on the local radio station for the past few weeks when I go to therapy on Tuesday. My theory was because it may keep the high school kids from committing suicide or something…? But after this review, it seems I stand corrected. I should contact the radio station about this… Also, hello hyper fangirl!

  4. I’ve never been a fan of this type of song. It always came off as pandering to a stereotype instead of trying to reach real people.

    Ironically, I’ve found that songs that aren’t actively trying to fall in the inspirational song cliche do the “HELL YEAH! I’M A STRONG WOMAN!”/”I know you’re going through some shit but hang in there, girl” thing better. Probably because they’re coming from someplace realer than checking off the “made empowering anthem” box.

  5. NB: 10:20-11:00 is a possible sh/si trigger

  6. I think that good, muscle-gun, hunky, beefcake man male body envy from other less sexy or unattractive men will come sooner than you think. In fact it’s already and might be always there, that jealousy.

  7. Liberal La La Land Irrational Brainies standing up to the rational, conservative Man, you know The Man. Traditional Human Values and certain violence to keep the peace as life itself, the language of The Man.

  8. This song isn’t really for me either, but I get why it has the sad stuff. Mentioning it helps the people in that situation identify with it. For contrast, my favourite song when my self harm/eating disorder/depression etc was at its worst was Superchick-Hero (Red Pill Mix), and that was the good days (I was super emo and into Evanessence too). It has a whole bunch about suicide in it, but without that, I never would have thought it applied to me. Songs abou happy people being happy had nothing to do with my life. Yeah, they aren’t happy for the average person, but I was not average. I don’t think these songs are exactly designed for the party/club/other humans situation, it would be real odd to hear them there. I don’t think irt would be right to hide them away completely, that would stigmatise it, so you’re going to have to deal with our depressing little songs.

  9. Steve the Pocket

    You know what the world could really use? A song that directly addresses the people responsible for making girls feel like this in the first place, like to their faces. The media, and the cosmetics industry, and Photoshop-addicted magazine editors, and all the men who have unrealistically high standards in the first place. Telling girls to tough it out and ignore all of that is all well and good, but why not attack the problem at the source, you know?

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