Scary Movie Binge! – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and Sam invite you to join them on their scary movie marathon filled with horror, fun and laughs!

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  1. Great seeing your wife this time, Chris and Shaun of the Dead is AWESOME!

  2. I marathoned the Lethal Weapon series. I seriously forgot parts of the first two movies and I’d watched the third movie so much I can recall that movie verbatim and watching the fourth one, I didn’t think it was as average as I’d thought of it before. Watching them all in one sitting (my back, oh my poor back) I found it a really great capstone to the series.

  3. I see that your wife wears awesome shirts like you. Monster House is the only scary movie that I like. I think I saw it with Pay per view or something. LOL. I don’t think that I’ve ever done a movie marathon. I’ve done a show marathon and video game marathon though.

  4. Not a marathon, but the perfect double feature. Watch Donnie Darko, followed by Fight Club. In that order. They have similar themes of questioning reality and sanity, and have complimentary art styles. But you have to watch Darko first, cause it has a much more bitter sweet ending and if you watch it second the trend is that of losing yourself to the struggle. You can end up feeling a bit depressed that way. Where as ending with fight club is more hopeful and weirdly triumphant.

  5. Great video! The coziness of it really appeals to me. Plus, Chris’s picks were all movies I’ve seen and enjoyed.

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