Schrödinger’s Christ – WTFIWWY Live

This week: A woman finds out that smashing a store with her SUV still won’t fix her iPhone, losing an argument by way of your genitals, and the Second Coming is off to a rocky start …

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  1. Well the show didn’t end, but they did hire a really shitty producer who thinks he’s god’s gift to man but is actually just a moron.

    • >shitty producer who thinks he’s god’s gift to man but is actually just a moron
      -Mmh… Don’t they have one of those too in North Korea ? He also has the trigger-happy finger on the nuke-button. Odd coincidence.

  2. I thought the Dropping of the Cheesehead was reserved for riots following Packers losses.

    Or Bulls three-peats.

  3. @23:56 Ah crap it’s the rage zombies

  4. The guy was a fucking asshole and dumbass, what would he have done if he had exposed himself, but then it turned out she also voted for Trump as well?

    He would be a shit bag with his pants down and egg on his face. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here: Never assume just becomes someone is a woman they just AUTOMATICALLY voted for Hilary, or that they want to see your dick regardless.

  5. For the “trump supporter” thing, there were several similar story’s (also coming up on the election) and many of them were fake.
    (e.g. “White guys in char/van”, “Guy with trump-hat on the bus”, “A student which needed a excuse o be late home”, …)

    So as long as its “allegedly” i am not interested in the story.

    • Newspapers HAVE to say “allegedly” before the matter has been settled in court. Or else they can have a suit on their heads. Nash is pretty good at sorting through fake news.

      • +solemn: I get that, it just that of the story’s that reached me more then 50% were found to be fake (after police investigation).

        I should also note that i am from Europe, so what reaches me is limited to the most asinine/stupid ones. (Which is why i tried to list which ones i am referring to.)

    • And the Trump supporters have no room to talk about not listening to fake news stories that are anti-Hilary Clinton. I doubt they can tell the difference, just whether they like it or not.

  6. Stay tuned for the spin off series to America; American Idiocracy, starring an angry orange toddler and his billionair cronies. In the first episode the oompaloompa-in-chief mistakes Ivanka for his favorite watersports loving russian escort and hilarity ensues!

  7. Not sure if you avoided it or just never knew about it but I was hoping for the line “Everyone hates the phone company.” From the strange, great and prophetic movie “The President’s Analyst”. You might not like it but in some ways it is amazing.

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