Scott Pilgrim – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Find out what she thought about the movie!

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  1. I’ve never seen it either. This is one the millenials have over us older pop-culture nerds!

  2. Took my 2 viewings to really enjoy this movie, I didn’t like Scott or Ramona. The second time I watched it as a movie with tons of great characters, but also Scott and Ramona, and it was a blast!
    Now it’s my second favourite Edgar Wright movie (Hot Fuzz can’t be improved).

  3. Stylized boredom. I couldn’t get into this movie despite wanting to love it for its comic/gaming aesthetics.

    Much like Tamara I feel the main character kills the film. Unlike Tamara though I also didn’t like a decent number of the side characters as well. I probably had fun with a third of this movie and that leaves me with a rather negative review in the end. I recommend people check it out because its unique…it just wasn’t my taste.

  4. YES! I’m so excited that you did this. A movie I’ve seen! This is in my top 10 movies list of all times. I will say that when I first saw the movie, I didn’t like Scott Pilgrim. He looks so nice and wholesome but he IS a bit of a douche. I love the music, the visuals, the references, and the jokes. I think the movie only has about two flaws. I saw it when it was in theaters. I was in high school and I loved seeing a movie that was so odd like me. A 90% out of 100% movie. ❤?????

  5. I admit that it took me two viewings to love this film, and that I had the same meh feeling towards Scott and his love-life the first time I saw it.

    It was only on the second viewing, when I knew what was happening, that I really got this film, and that the doucheness of Scott is kind of the point. The message of this film is that whilst one can probably get partners even if they are a selfish dick, no one can be happy until they act to make others happy, and not just themselves. It was only when Scott realised that just acting to make himself happy was hurting others could he level up and defeat the final boss.

    I think this is the reason people forgive the plot of Knives and Ramona liking Scott, despite him being a douche. Furthermore, it does makes sense with their characters.

    Knives is a young, naive and obsessive person, from a more restrictive and sheltered family environment. It therefore makes sense that when a seemingly cool, older guy shows an interest in her, she would act the way she did (particularly within the exaggerated context of the world this is set in). Let us face it, the film is not very subtle in showing that it is aware of the fact that Scott is taking advantage of Knives.

    Ramona is shown to have poor judgement when it comes to partners. Scott is not meant to be a change in this situation, but a continuation of it. The difference between Scott and her other partners is that he learns and grows as an individual, and does become a better person. That is why their relationship survives, whilst the others become ‘ex’.

  6. I had a buddy who was completely obsessed with this film/comic. I think he identified with the main character because there was girl he was into that didn’t want anything to do with him, yet he refused to give up on her. Anyway, always thought it was cool this film is set in my hometown of Toronto. Some of their shooting locations are places I used to hang out.

  7. I greatly enjoyed the aesthetic of the videogame-tinged world, and while Cera is bland and boring and probably the worst part of the movie, I didn’t really /dislike/ him. I like the movie but it’s got too many flaws to full-blown love the movie. And it really should have ended up with him and Knives getting together like in the comics; They’re actually compatible with each other and whatnot. Ramona is the girl that’s a perfect date for him. Knives is the girl that’s the perfect life partner for him.

  8. Scott is supposed to be kind of a douche, it’s what makes his redemption at the end feel all the more earned. You also gotta love how this movie is like a stupid teen relationship drama for the first 20 minutes or so, then BAM, Indian guy bursts through the ceiling and video game boss fight! Ultimate heel turn and I think I like seeing the reaction of other people around me when that scene comes up. It’s like when you’re watching the World’s End where it seems to be like a basic drinking movie until someone’s head falls off.

    As for Nega Scott, he played a bigger part in the comic and video game, he was an actual boss they had to fight like one of the exes…

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