Screen Crashers: Batman & Robin

A table top RPG parody of “Batman & Robin”.

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  1. I’ll get this out of the way…..



  2. I still don’t get how learning about telescopes has anything to do with using satellites to direct sunlight from the other side of the planet. It would have been morning in a few hours anyway. If all they needed was sunlight that means the ice would have thawed on its own.

  3. This is the perfect explanation of how Batman & Robin movie came to be!

    Well at least someones having fun from this movie source material. I didn’t think that you did episodes based on bad movies as well, but I guess that opens you range of media.

    The Screen Crashers do it again! Another great movie guys!

  4. Checked this “screen crashers” show for the first time now, and I pretty soon was thinking: “Wait, isn’t this almost exactly like Doug’s Demo Reel show?” You know, that show that was almost universally hated, which is why he stopped making it?

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Pretty good but tell juillian no more man bat voice since the dark knight franchise is more of a dark flick.

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