Secret of NIMH – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara sees Secret of NIMH for the first time!

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  1. I’ve never seen Secret of NIMH. This is the first movie on Tamara’s Never Seen that I’ve never seen. The Don Bluth movies that I grew up with were The Land Before Time and Titan A.E. I love that you let your cat be in the video now. So sweet. ^.^

    • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

      The movie’s okay, but the book’s better. Didn’t like the fantasy elements they added in the movie.

      • I found the book too plodding in it’s pacing and have a hard time seeing how most kids could easily follow. That where some parts a found a little more interesting, but overall I still find the movie far more captivating.

        Those it’s amazing how different they are despite having the same basic story. If I can ever bring myself to make a patreon request for Lost in Adaptation, it will be for this. I would LOVE to see how the Dom pieces together this one!

      • thatchickwithlonghair

        I liked reading the book but it was BORING compared to the movie! The plow scene doesn’t even happen. I was so hyped to read that scene in writing and then “nope, it’s too wet to plow, I’ll do it later”. WHAT A LET-DOWN.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    And you have to wonder: if the rats are so smart, how come they didn’t try to take over the world? That’s what I would have done if I was one of them.

    Actually, come to think of it, I think that happened in NIMH 2.


  3. At time frame 6:13 – 6:14 Tamara says “animated cartoon”.

    This is incorrect.

    Cartoons are animated.

    Therefore Tamara should only say “cartoon”.

    • Cartoon can mean a still drawing of an exaggerated manner, especially in a newspaper or magazine. It can also mean a series of still drawing that tell a story.

    • Comic strips and cartoon books aren’t animated. The term “animation” implies movement, therefore “animated cartoon” can apply to a cartoon in which the drawings move as opposed to an illustration where the images don’t move. The term “animated cartoon” isn’t said much these days, much in the same way that nowadays most people just say “fires” instead of “French fries”, but the term isn’t technically incorrect.

  4. Glad you finally got a chance to see The Secret of NIMH Tamara, word of advice, stay away from the sequel. Its not worth the watch. Its like they totally missed the point of Martin’s character from the first movie. Because most of it makes no sense.

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Tamara had a pet rat! I love her now! Rats are wonderful pets. One of my favorite pets of all time was a female rat who was just the sweetest thing ever. The only thing I can say against pet rats is they only live a few years, so don’t get too attached to them. 🙁
    If you have read the GoT books but never seen the show, you might want to check out the video “Rage of Thrones” by the Axis of Awesome on Youtube. 🙂

    • That’s the main thing keeping me from getting a pet rat….some of my friends have them and I interact with them sometimes. They seem like incredible pets, so smart and sweet, but i’d be utterly heartbroken way too soon. I don’t know how they do it. 🙁

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        That’s the price you pay for loving them. If you want a pet that will outlive you, get a parrot.

        • That’s worse, if anything, and irresponsible. I just mean that the intelligence of rats allows you to get as close as you would with a cat or a dog- where they would expected to be around for roughly 15 years- but that short lifespan is punishing

  6. See, the thing about The Secret of NIMH is that it didn’t receive have about it’s strong female character because it never made a big deal out of it. It wasn’t a feminist movie about women, it was a great movie – maybe one day Hollywood will understand that.

  7. That’s great you’ve finally seen this movie. One of Don Bluth’s best!

  8. thatchickwithlonghair

    Here’s why you should all see the Secret of Nimh in three lines:

    Mother protagonist
    Rats with swords
    Don Bluth

  9. I made an account just to say one thing: Please, do WATERSHIP DOWN
    I need to know how you feel about it haha

  10. OHHH!! you notice Mrs.Brisby burn her hands ! lot of people miss that out : )

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