Secret Wars: Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies – LOTD

Halloween arrives with robots, zombies, superheroes, and a secret war! LOTD takes a look at Secret Wars.

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  1. Good night, Moarte, see you next year!

  2. Bit late with this comment unfortunately, but Happy Halloween Moarte! Thanks for another awesome month of spooky comic reviews, I’ll look forward to next Halloween season when you shall rise from the Long Box once more! MUHAHAHAHAHA! >8D

  3. Good night, Mr. Moarte! Thanks for all the suggestions; I’ve picked up a few of the comics, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. Rest well!

  4. You saved the best for last, I see.

  5. Hmm . . . has Hank Pym based his Western look on Linkara? (Also, sweet dreams until necks year Moarte, unless you decide on another summer holiday!)

  6. Linkara… emh… Moarte, in Italy it’s not yet “old”… it’s yet to come.
    The time will run out in the end of the year.

  7. Yeah, I’ve finally caught up! I had no idea this existed. I think I vaguely heard of Ultron in “Marvel Zombies”. There’s just so many of them! I appreciate how this was longer. Not much, but it’s a finale at least.

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