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The finale of the retrospective, making us all go “What the devil?!”

Part 2.

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Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Amazing as always Linkara, I’d add my own jokes but i cannot top yours

  2. Phew! I was starting to get afraid that the whole entire team would be dead by the end of this at a certain point. Also, I’m going to start saying “What the devil?!” just to troll my friends. 😆

  3. Starbrand: Let me get this straight: a dying alien flies to earth and entrusts a powerful artifact with the first human he encounters, and this artifact basically makes that human into a superhero who can use it to do almost anything. Where have I seen that before? (“In brightest day, in blackest night…”).

    For some strange reason, when I hear the name Mojo, it makes me want to repeat things. That appellation causes me to desire to reiterate my diction. The designation fills me with an irresistible desire to engage in periphrasis. I am not sure why. I am uncertain of the cause. I do not understand this phenomenon. Perhaps it is because it is the name of bad, the designation of evil, the sound of chaos and destruction that is MOOOOOJOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. Part 1:
    In speaking of History of Power Rangers, I’m currently collecting all the seasons on DVD.
    5:28- Finally, we have the next bro character for The Cinema Snob: Nerd Bro.
    8:28- So in Indiana Jones terms, they’re from the space between spaces.
    11:29- And he’s going all “Everything was better on MY Earth!”
    13:30- Holy shit, Godzilla is on one of the monitors in the background.
    So far, I’m not turned off by Exiles. I thing this comic series has a really cool story about the Marvel Multiverse.
    20:40- And together, we can BE Justice. …I had to.
    23:44- SEWING MACHINE!
    I agree that the concept of Brother Mutant is really weird and, to be honest, random.
    A team of Wolverines, but we don’t get X-23 OR a reference of Red Dawn? …FAIL!
    32:43- And we’ll see Grandmaster be played by Jeff Goldblum in “Thor: Ragnarok.”

    Part 2:
    6:13- Yet another super villain take on Fake-President Trump.
    12:21- At least it’s still better that the “tributes” Rob Liefeld gave to Jack Kirby and Joe Schuster in the 2nd and 3rd issues of Youngblood.
    18:46- Why did they name him Gambit? …Cheese.
    Is it just me or does Sabretooth look like the Ultimate Marvel version of Thor?
    The Daughters of the Dragon sound like they’re a group of female Bruce Lee fans.
    The “bug boobs” reminds me of those on Forager in Countdown.
    I also got into Marvel with the 90’s animated universe, but was, and still am, mostly a DC fan. Regardless, Exiles has a neat concept and good character moments.
    Have fun, or what can be defined as fun, with Reagan’s Raiders, and see if it better or worst than a comic with half-naked, brain-dead bimbos.

  5. Those look more like stick bugs than grasshoppers. 🙂

  6. On Psylocke’s “One Piece Bathing Suit” I’m unsure if you are making a criticism about costumes on women…or if you somehow forgot what a LEOTARD was.

  7. Devil's Advocate

    like I said on YouTube, the Omniverse has been established as a concept different from the multiverse. there is more then one multiverse and the Omniverse is all multiverses. like the DC and Marvel Multiverses are two different multi-universe structures in the Omniverse.

  8. I love the “Bohemian Rhapsody” shout out. I noticed Rocket Racoon in there! Well, the second video at least. Sorry, I just wasn’t that familiar with the Guardians Of the Galaxy before before that movie. I love how you point out that you don’t swear much. It’s a very long video or videos.

  9. What the hell or f… was that at the beginning with all the other Internet critic celebrity cameos not related to your show in the least doing there?

  10. I mean why always do this Linkara? It does leave many Online-going audiences confused beyond belief.

  11. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Can I just say that I have NEVER been able to stand Psylocke? She is such a 90s character: cold, hard, ultra-serious, always scowling, with a body that stretches like silly putty and not a trace of a sense of humor. She is the quintessential 90s “tough bitch” character, a woman who has to show she’s as tough as a man by, essentially, being a man, except with a hot body for nerds to drool over. Oh, and she was British, but then became a Japanese ninja, because ninjas are cool. Or something. Ugh.

  12. The guy with the buzz-saw Captain America shield in his abdomen is called Maverick. He’s part of the 616 Weapon… something… program.

    The buzz-saw shield is from a specific, previously-seen alternate reality, but I can’t remember which.

  13. Ha! I love that Morph decides to turn into Rick Deckard when they reach 2099

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