Sega CD Commercial Tribute Parody – Battle Geek Plus

Do you own a Sega CD? What are you waiting for? Nintendo to make one?!

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  1. SEGA!

    Sorry to sound demanding, but maybe you guys should play the NES Die Hard on your show since Alan Rickman’s passed. Maybe one of the Harry Potter games as well.

  2. Old-school Sega fanboy from back in the day here. I had a Sega CD back then and loved it. Very underrated system/add-on. Say what you will about 32X being a huge screw-up but, the Sega CD was a meaningful experiment in gaming history. At the time, every major company was trying it’s hand at CD-Rom tech. Even though most of it’s games sucked. To it’s credit, the good games it did have were either: A) Exclusive to the system or B) the definitive version of that game at the time.

    Sonic CD, Final Fight CD, and Spider-Man Vs the Kingpin are my personal favorites.

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