Sensation Comics #14: The Story of Fir Balsam – AT4W

All great holiday stories should have someone asking to not be spanked.

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  1. A sentient tree? That’s quite random. This seemed too short. Well, the comic was only 13 pages long. You used good pacing. I love how happy Wonder Woman looks on the title card.

  2. 0:32- Grouch and Meany are some of the best words to describe Trump (Yeah, I know I make to many Trump jokes, but the guy IS that loathsome).

    3:04- I’m just glad that this tree didn’t make an appearance in the Wonder Woman movie, unless it’s one of the war-torn trees in No Man’s Land.

    6:32- Or worse. These could be the annoying kids from the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special.

    8:52- Nothing spells out Christmas better than wife and child abuse. =D

    9:52- And I’m suddenly reminded of the male characters in Return to Boggy Creek.

    12:33- Again, good thing they left that out in the movie.

    13:02- Uh…wrong DC character, buddy.

    Let’s hope that the Steam Wars Holiday Special isn’t as bad as the STAR Wars Holiday Special.

  3. A Wonder Woman comic where she gets tied up (twice, even)? I’m shocked.

  4. When this comic with the talking fir, I began to wonder if this was the inspiration for John Denver’s Alfie the Christmas Tree. Than I immediately thought “Let’s hope we never see a comic that resembles ‘Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas’.” Another four minutes and my fears were realized! Seriously this comic is fun for the most part, but the shrugging response to family abuse is bizarre even for the 1940s! And yes Fir Balsam was pretty close to unless. Still it’s hard to go wrong with college girls on skis fighting Nazis!

  5. How was the tree able to relate events it wasn’t present for?

  6. Heh… gossiping trees. Actually, we’re only starting to figure some of that out, swift communication through the root system and the various fungi that the trees depend on. Their own internet, way before ours…

  7. Surprised we didn’t get any “I Am Groot!” jokes in this one. Low-hanging fruit?

  8. God, I love the Golden Age. So corny!

  9. Boy, you weren’t kidding about those bondage themes

  10. @8:20 Where the hell was social services?

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