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Rantasmo discusses the cerebral sci-fi Netflix series Sense8 and its intriguingly queer themes.

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  1. it’s been a trippy ride when i’ve gone through the first 4 episodes, piecing together what’s been going on. I kinda like it!

    • I like the concept, but not the execution. For example, the female members which are connected barely share a scene together, and Nomi often comes off more as a spoke person for LGB issues than an actual character. She is never wrong in anything and it is a little bit unbelievable how everyone is ready to help her out.
      But the worst thing for me is that all those people are way to comfortable with having someone else in their head. They come from different cultures and yet their different views are rarely contrasted with each other (there are perhaps 2 scenes in which that happens, which are the highlights of the show imho, which otherwise is a little bit of a drag). And I have a huge problem with the orgy, exactly because of the consent issues.

  2. Huh. I didn’t know she was played by an actual transgender actress. Not my favourite character, but that’s cool!

    Although what they did to Freema Agyeman’s hair should be criminal XD

  3. “Let’s go ahead and call it clusterfuck” that line had me rolling on the floor laughing.

  4. Ah, I should have known this would pop up! I’m partway through, and am enjoying it quite a lot. The Wachowskis should stop trying to make movies, and focus on longer stories that allow them to show more of what they can do.

    And glad you noted the thing about fetishizing gay men. Sadly, this is a thing… just look at Tumblr fangirls and/or anyone who tinhats. They have excuses for their behavior, but that is what their fascination boils down to.

    As for the “clusterfuck,” I think that probably if your mind is overlapping with that of other people, it would affect your sexuality. It means that your perceptions, feelings and whatnot would no longer be 100% you.

  5. I love Sense8! I think the relationships on the show are so interesting especially the ones you highlighted here. That scene with Nomi and Lito was so super powerful. And thank you for noticing how useless Riley is. She’s good at crying, getting in trouble, and sitting in snow. Helpful. I get her backstory, but really?

  6. Another idea that has been blatantly ripped off of much better anime series. Sorry, but I’ll stick to the originals.

  7. In 140 Characters or Less

    Can this social justice whiner take his identity politics bullshit back to Chez Apocalypse?

    We get it, Rantasmo: the poor suffering gays are marginalized and need “better representation” yadda yadda yadda. I’m a lesbian, btw, and I want nothing to do with your identity politics. This constant SJW demand for “diversity” is annoying. This is one of the reasons why #GamerGate happened, and this is why I refuse to watch your videos.

    I won’t be donating to your Patreon.

    • Just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t make you an instant authority on all things LGBT in the same way being a vegetarian doesn’t make someone an instant expert on all plant life. It is your right to not care about representation in media, but it is also the right of people like Rantasmo to care about the presence and representation of LGBT individuals. Right now, the only one I see who is whining is you.

      • SailorRustyBacon

        Says someone whining about someone else whining. Plus I’m pretty sure she’s speaking for herself and not claiming to be an “instant authority” in anything.

        Other than that, I still like Rantasmo, so I’m not choosing any sides (being a hetero-cis scum mo-ho who doesn’t represent anybody or any ideals. I just fuckin’ love that word… mo-ho :D)

  8. SailorRustyBacon

    As far as bad puns go, I would have gone with, “Sense8TIONAL!” 😀

    ….. long pause to get banned from China.

  9. I, for one, felt that Sense8 was a pretty bad series, overall. Not Jupiter Ascending bad (but not Jupiter Ascending good, either). I tried a few episodes, but could not keep going with the pretence. And there is a lot if that.

    Basically, the good in it just did not end up offsetting the bad. To me, it came across lacking depths, and cohesion, but above all other things, was simply dull, and followed predictable formula. So, it just did not evolve to interest me, as many much-lower budget (and aims) series often do. Therefore, I gave up on it half way, which is unlike me.

    I wanted to support it, for at least some of its more lofty aims. But the series approaches the viewer as… well, rather dim. There is a pronounced lack of subtlety as we are spoon-fed to the point of uncomfortable cringing.

    Perhaps this is just a symptom, as symptom of the Wachowskis drowning in too much money to be able to relate to ordinary, average-IQ people. (Certainly, the series seems to have little to say outside of the realm of stratification that is personally connected to them/her/Lana.)

    Jupiter Ascending also had some spectacular scenes and visuals and glimpses of filmographic genius, but the bad offset the good there, too. But at least it did not presume to be representative of a real-life, outside-of-fantasy-realm struggle (even if it’s just the LGBT* one).

    To me, Sense8 felt lacking in authenticity, and again, I think that’s just because the Wachowskis have way more money than sense (or Sense8, even!) now, they’ve lost touch. Lost _a lot_ of touch, at the very least. And the artistry is not an independent component in all of this, so unfortunately, it’s reflected in the final product.

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