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The Dom shares his thoughts on the 3rd and 4th episodes of Netflix’s attempt to make a better adaptation out of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books.

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  1. Once again I have to say that Daniel Handler is writer and Executive Director, All changes are his own.

  2. Oh no. I hate that they are making Count Olaf a bit of a doofus. Ugh. I have nothing else to say since I still don’t have Netflix. Also, coincidentally I’m currently losing my voice as well but I don’t know why.

  3. I haven’t seen these two episodes yet, but I don’t mind seeing your vids first since there’s not too much you can spoil and I can easily draw my own conclusions on the episodes regardless. As someone who was once an obsessive fan of the books, I actually recall Olaf always being somewhat of a doofus, though not dramatically so, except in parts of the first book when he was intentionally showing off to his theatre troupe. Well, at least not to the point where his doofus traits outshine his despicable traits as those were always first and foremost at the forefront with book Olaf.

    However, a lot of characters, scenes and story elements were played up dramatically in the books so I can’t truly say that an over the top Olaf doesn’t fit the tone of the series. I actually like the VFD stuff a lot in all of its over the top glory, but I also appreciate the simplicity of the first five books without that as a focus. I’ll have to reserve my judgment on that aspect until I actually see the Reptile Room episodes which may not be until Tuesday.

    Not to be pedantic, but each book actually is slightly longer than the last in spite of always being thirteen chapters in length, aside from maybe book four as I think it’s actually a tad shorter than book three. That said, the increase isn’t that noticeable until the sixth book, which is also one of two big turning points for the series(the second being the following book for obvious reasons), so it shouldn’t have been that much more difficult to adapt the second book than the first, but the need to add original content may be part of the problem. As the series progresses it will likely be necessary to split books into more parts and/or stop trying to embellish the books with added content.

    I’m intrigued that the imprisoned couple aren’t the parents. I guess I’ll have to wait and see on that.

  4. For me it made sense that they never killed Po. I mean if they kill him the Bank will send someone else to handle the parents Will and Estate and it might be an actual competent, not a complete idiotic person, you know someone who actually knows what “closes living relative” means, and has basic human face recognition skills.

  5. I saw these episodes and I agree that the VFD stuff is overplayed. Also, yeah, the scene at the movies didn’t need to be added and we might have had fewer scenes cut if that didn’t happen. Minor stuff like Violet picking the lock of Olaf’s suitcase in the back of his jeep instead of in his room doesn’t bother me that much, and I did enjoy Olaf’s fourth wall joke about watching media at home being better than going to a theatre.

    I do have to wonder why Uncle Monty’s dining room is in the reptile room though. That makes no sense since his house does have a kitchen and that’s where he, Olaf and the orphans dined in the book. Also while I’m cool with the other theatre troupe members being used more in the show, why couldn’t Hooky still play Dr. Lucafont? Overall, still a good adaptation, but I do have a few minor issues with the liberties taken.

  6. Daniel Brizuela

    Saw the entire first season, read the whole series. Love both.

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