Sesame Street Scares – What Went Right?

It’s Halloween but don’t be scared! Instead, come back to the 80’s and see what’s so scary about Sesame Street and why that’s just what kids need sometimes. Warning: 2spoopy4u

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  1. I was always scared by the one segment where Bert and Ernie explore an Egyptian tomb and there’s a statue that looks just like Ernie that begins to move and talk as soon as Bert leaves the room. It’s not scary anymore, but as a little kid, the dim, cobweb-covered setting and the statue’s lifeless stare and booming, echoey voice were pretty terrifying. I never found the martians, monsters or the Count scary, but I have to say, adding teeth to Cookie Monster certainly changes everything!

    • OMG! I remember that scene! I was OBSESSED with Egyptology when I was a little kid (I was a weird kid) and I loved that. Have you seen the Sesame Street film ‘Don’t Eat the Pictures’? Big Bird and Snuffy help a long-dead Egyptian boy ascend to the afterlife.

      • I did see that, once- I remember renting it from the school library when I was in second grade or so. I have literally no memory except for Big Bird wandering around an empty museum, which was possibly a little creepy in itself.

    • I didn’t find them scary either., they were the greatest thing on Sesame Street.,,.

  2. Beautiful work once again and an inspired choice. There was quite a bit here that I hadn’t known!

  3. Ah yeah, I remember those alien guys! Loved’em as a kid!!

  4. I had forgotten about the Monster at the end of this book but it was a favorite of mine growing up as well. I can remember reading it to my younger sister when she was little and and then later to my young cousin who inherited all our little kid books when we out grew them. we had so many little golden books and Dr. Seuse and just about all of the bearinstine bears and ….oh what was that other series i want to say they were called the little creature books and i think most of the titles were “_____ and me” I don’t remember those as well as we didn’t have them when I was little but I read a lot of them to my sister.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I totally remember between the lions and that’s probably because the theme song is so catchy and the lyrics are easy to remember and its still in my head even to this day(heck I’ll even look up the theme song after I’m done with this comment. That was an interesting little video I didn’t know this was meant for educationally value but I’m glad to know that there’s a show besides rudthespuds history show that is on this site,

  6. So weird hearing that Count song without the unnecessary censorship

  7. I’m so happy to see that this series is continuing. It makes me happy in a way that no other web content does, for real.

  8. I actually liked the Martians as a kid & didn’t find them frightening, but everyone experiences things differently of course :3

    P.S. the Count & Monsters of Sesame Street were awesome to me as a child, may they continue to entertain many more children in the years to come.

  9. Your videos are always really great.


  10. Great video Omega! I’m kinda glad that you included the Yip-Yip Martians, because those terrified me as a child too! Seriously, it makes me feel so much better knowing other people were scared of them, because my parents used to tease me about it!

    It’s too bad that you don’t cover educational cartoon shows and movies from the early 1990s, because I would’ve suggest the 1993 Halloween Tree animated movie, narrated by Ray Bradbury himself, and starring the late Leonard Nimoy!

    • Also, I always adored The Count!!

    • I keep hoping she’ll expand her show to cover some early 90s things too…so rare to see anyone critically and positively examine children’s media on the internet. It’s usually nostalgia-based stuff, which is GREAT, but I really love what Omega’s doing here. Just wish there was more of it! (Not saying that as a complaint; I know these things are time-consuming and the producers have lives outside of making videos. Just saying it as someone who loves this series.)

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