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  1. i own an original copy of Sex Trek II

  2. I never thought on the week I turn 30, the gift The Cinema Snob would give me is a review on a Star Trek porno spoof for the release of Star Trek Beyond. …It’s a shame I can’t return it for store credit. =C

    Even though I’m not a porn fan, thank Christ, I think the actor playing NOT-Jim Kirk also played one of the asshole detectives in Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell.

    The actress playing NOT-Uhura isn’t even fuckin’ trying.

    8:35- The asshole people also must be what makes up most of the crew of Spaceball-One.

    Even though it’s not yet filmed, I can already tell you that “Jesus, Bro” will be a lot better than this shit.

  3. Devil's Advocate

    if there mission statement is to rape and pillage, this is a porn parody of the Mirror Universe.

  4. The Real Silverstar

    Even for a porno spoof, the production values of this were remarkably cheap. Let’s have some white chick in big 80’s hair play Uhura just have her talk like a stereotypical black chick rather than even try to imitate Nichelle Nichols in any way. (And yeah, I know that Sarah Silverman did the same thing on Robot Chicken, but I can give that a pass since a) she was just doing a voice offscreen and b) that sketch was actually funny.

    And could they really not spring for any red shirts? Scotty and Uhura were wearing blue sweaters, which are worn by Science and Medicine officers, even the frelling RED SHIRT extra wasn’t wearing a red shirt. Geez, they couldn’t have even headed over to Old Navy or Target or Walmart and bought a few red T-shirts? They must’ve blown the budget on that one writer to come up with all of those killer ‘Uranus’ jokes.

  5. Cinema Snob, apparently you have forgotten, that the writer of this movie is the same, who also wrote the Hornio Brothers. Even the spoofs with the unoriginal names, like “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX” (there are 3 of them) took more care of the writing and the cheap sets were a bit more authentic than this.
    According to IMDB the german name of this movie is “Sex Trek – the horny generation”. I am not kidding. 😉

  6. The best thing about this movie is it has me contemplating Star Trek porn spoof names.

    Star Trek: Deep Throat Nine
    Star Trek: Voyeur
    Star Trek: The Search for Spunk (c’mon, that’s better than “Search for Sperm”)
    Star Trek: The Rape of Khan

    Some of the existing show and movie names could be used as is. “Generations” for MILF / GILF. “First Contact” for deflowering. “Into Darkness” for white on black. “The Final Frontier” for any number of extreme porn…

  7. Well, this is James T Kirk…..most Star Trek pornos would be deleted scenes of him going all the way with some sexy alien with pink or green skin.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    For a movie called sex trek there’s not alot of sex scenes in it. Sure you got that end one and some spliced in between bit most of it is making ass and shit jokes. They honestly should’ve called this movie shit trek jokes while the movie might be bad or not it surely has more of that than what the title will lead you to believe

  9. *gasping for breath* Holy shit, but the Enema Knob/Citrus Snort zinger made me lose my breath from laughing so hard! XD

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