SF Debris: Clone Wars – Grevious & Deserter

Evil General Grievous kidnaps a Jedi Master, then calls up the Jedi just to gloat. He’s a dick like that.

The conclusion to the two part Grievous tale as the Republic and Jedi track his escape pod to a nearby planet, where a clone deserter is discovered running a farm. Insert swords to plowshare metaphor… now!

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  1. Yeah the movies do show the clones as nothing more than bio droids however in the EU you see a lot more in fact in the EU there is a whole network of clones who left the army after ep3 having both felt disillusioned by the jedi who used them as a slave army an sidious who was and would do the same. And incase anyone feels the need to mention it yes I know the EU is not cannon or rather that it is only S Cannon but S cannon is till better than N cannon. On the bright side Disney also announced that the new EU that will follow the new movies will be 100% cannon as they will take a more active role with the writers thy hire. Anyone want to make bets on how much continuity errors there will still be in the New EU.

  2. Due to the show’s guest Jedi having a survival rate somewhere between “single black guy in a horror movie” and “friend of Mc. Guyver,” I’ve just started mentally referring to them as sithbait (numbered when appropriate).

  3. Conan the commenter

    Sigh, I remember when general Grevious was actually cool. I mean when he was first introduced in the original clone wars show he was a jedi hunter, and had a belt adorned with lightsabers from all the jedi he killed, and he would do all himself, no goons to help because he didn’t need it.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    The requester of this review certainly has an unfortunate sir name, given the connection with Star Wars. I’m willing to bet that he pronounces it like the geological formation, but the written form just reminds me too much of a certain race of very clumsy fish people.

  5. Nitpick here. it’s spelled Grievous, not Grevious. Sorry, i’m not usually like this, but Grievous is my favorite character after all. Other then that, great episodes.

  6. I really hope he does the Darth Maul episodes, or the Temple Bombing ones, or any from the Netflix season

  7. The Deserter is one of my favorite episodes. I guess the reason I liked it much more than the review is that I wasn’t that interested in Grievous Intrigue in the first place. I didn’t dislike it, but I wasn’t invested enough in that episode to care that its conclusion was rushed.

  8. ManWithGoodTaste

    You’re a farmer’s daughter
    You’re a farmer’s daughter
    Why do I always get
    The kind of girl I didn’t oughta get

  9. Patrick Donnolley

    You should review the Umbara episodes.

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