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Leslie Nielsen stars as the daring commander of a flying saucer sent to check on survivors from a previously lost ship, while Gene Roddenberry takes careful notes.

Part 2

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  1. Loved the review. Only thing I wish you’d mentioned is Babylon 5 using the views of the great machine on Altair 4 for the Great Machine on Episilon 3. A loving homage from JMS.

  2. Great review. This is one of my favourite movies, and one, in my opinion should never be remade. No good can come from it.

  3. aye the memories i watch this movie for the first time back when i was barely a teen. I thought it was great then and i think it is great now. Unlike Mbellardini i think it wouldnt be a bad idea to do a remake but only if they change the name and just tweak it to give a modern feel. Only they need to use the same script.

  4. Muiticultural is just bullshit, an illusion, because after all is hidden racism, the Japanese drive, the black woman asnwer the phone, and of course, still the freaking U. S. Fuck Yeah in the Enterprise as having an U. S. capitain, hell, even the leader of the Star Fleet was from the U. S., call that multiculturalism is to lie.

    There is any other people capable of doing the job that wasnt from the U. S.?

    • There have been multiple Federation Presidents that weren’t even from Earth, how’s that? Even the XO of the Enterprise was a half-breed. That “black woman asnwer the phone” you mentioned? she’s near the top in the chain of command, beating out almost everyone else on the ship

      • Multiples presidents that werent from Earth BUT AFTER THE ORIGINAL STAR TREK.

        I known that she was near the top of chain of command. But she had any commanding mision? No. She take any other important decision that wasnt related to her post? No. Apart from the interracial Kiss, Uhura was the black lady that answered the phone.

        I prefer were a woman was the XO of the Enterprise, I have nothing against Spock, he is a very good science officer, but I prefer when a woman was the XO, that would be a really controversial idea at the time.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Actually, there WAS a woman XO on the Enterprise in the original pilot, the Cage. Her name was Number One and she was played by Roddenberry’s future wife, Majel Barrett. However, the network nixed that, because having a woman be the second in command was too progressive in 1966. And Roddenberry had to fight like hell to get a black woman on the bridge of the Enterprise. That she was there at all is a tribute to how much he believed in his vision of the future. The suits at NBC were terrified that having a black woman on the bridge would alienate viewers in the South. Star Trek was extremely ahead of its time in many ways, but Roddenberry had to make concessions to the racism and sexism of the time it was made. That is simply reality. Be glad he managed to get what he did.

          • Tell me something that I already dont known, that why I prefered a woman as XO, because I already had seen the pilot, but no the executives needed a man.

        • thespecialneedsgroup

          I’m going to go ahead and say that Martin Luther King Jr.’s thoughts on how important Uhura was trump any complaints about the character you might have:


    • Not everything can be as intelligent and well thought out as the Star Wars prequels and their complete lack of hidden racism and stereotypes. Someday you’ll prove all other series except the Star Wars prequels are made of pure evil, like the American secret agents who hide mind control fluoride in your tap water.

      • Actually I like Star Trek The New Generation only barely, it have the same problem of all the Star Trek TV Shows and movies, minus the reboot, to much techno babble during the combat scenes.

        And even when they critic the Empire in Mirror, Mirror, they dont realize that are basically an empire, run by Embassadors and Capitains, hell, the president had barely any power in the Federation, is more a ceremonial post, the Star Fleet and the Embassadors take all the decisions. I more a fan of Battlestar Galatica, the old and the new (minus the last season), and similar shows, hell, I even like the whole saga of Star Wars, but I prefer more the prequels than Originals, contrary to the Original Star Wars fans, I believe to them be really flawed, and compared with the Original Battlestar Galactica, very generic.

      • Here is the list of the science fiction TV Shows and movies that I like, Battlestar Galactica (old and new), Star Wars (the universe, and the movies I prefer the prequels over the originals), Babylon 5 (I really love this show), Dune (the only thing that I dont like about Dune is the whole generic “colonialist fall in love of the native” thing, this was repeated so many times that had become a cliche)

        Even that I had and like Lord of the Rings, I really become a hardfan of medieval fantasy recently with A Song of Ice and Fire, and explored other medieval fantasies in similar medias, like The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and The Witcher.

    • Well technically Spock isn’t from the US, and he had control over the ship when Kirk was away. Not only that but Scotty was next in line, and then Sulu.

      Also remember that if Roddenberry had had his way, there would have been a women as second in command. The man was all about diversity. Unfortunately the NBC Executives didn’t agree with him.

  5. Only that was pure propaganda, the scientist of the Manhattan Project were terrified of what they had unleashed, never the less, that didnt stop the U. S. goverment of comminting genocide and drooping the bomb in Horizoshima and Nagazaki, if they had listen to the scientist they would had never had done it, but mark their territory to the Russians and prove their newest weapons matter more than the consequences.

    More than 200.000 people die in Hiroshima alone.

    • so a land invasion with an estimated casualty rate of over a million dead(both american and japanese) is preferable to you, huh?

      • What land invasión? The Russians had already defeated the Japanese army in China and they were ready to invade in mainland if the U. S. hadnt decided to droop the nice two bombs in Hiroshima and Nagazaki, marking their territory over the Russians.

        The whole land invasion is an excuse a lie, to hide the fact that they were planning to drop the bombs all along, because they feared that the Russians gained terrain and defenitly end the WWII by themselves, and the U. S. end being look an idiot because their intervention was minimal and they even couldnt finish with the NAZI, so instad of being honorable and left the Russian take their price, no they had to commit genocide.

        • The nukes were dropped on August 6 and 9 of 1945. Russia’s Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation began on August 9, being a joint operation with the second bombing, and kept going until August 20.

          Gee, I wonder who’s the lying, revisionist shitstain trying to bury incredibly bloody history and make excuses? You might as well deny the Holocaust while you’re at it.

        • Uh Keyser? They didn’t commit genocide because, y’know, the Japanese are still around. If it was a genocide the US would’ve kept on killing them instead of accepting their surrender and helping them rebuild their country, which was what actually happened.

      • Japan didn’t need any a-bombs to kill over 5,000,000 civilians, which I think is a bit more fitting of the word genocide. It’s almost like those bombs, tragic as they were, put an end to something tens of times worse. But it sure is terrible the US stepped in or Japan could have been just as happy and prosperous as East Germany under those friendly, caring Russians. Because America was such a mean old bad guy out to do bad, bad things to Japan.

        Nukes do have the potential to ruin much of the world. But for the time being, raging fucktards trying to whip everybody into a blind, ignorant frenzy have caused far more damage on all sides.

        • I would care less it was the U. S. or the Russians, but killing thousand of people for pure ego is just stupid. And what you are trying to justified the death of thousands for some stupid political ideology? Wow, you are so smart, great argument Sherlock, I couldnt think it myself.

          • It’s called “war”. It means that, when there is someone shooting at you or at others, you try to shoot them before they can. “Political ideology” be dammed; if the alternative is allowing a conquering empire continue to slaughter millions for THEIR political ideology (that is, imposing Japanese superiority onto China, Russia, and the South Pacific), then to me, doing something to put a stop to it is entirely just and justified.

            Your counter-argument here – which amounts to name-calling without substance – simply proves to me how weak your own position is.

            Incidentally, if the US really were committing genocide, do you honestly think that bombing only two cities would have been sufficient to accomplish that goal? Wouldn’t we have simply bombed every Japanese city, and continued to do so, even after the surrender? The fact that the US voluntarily stopped after the surrender proves that it wasn’t genocide; it proves that the goal had nothing to do with eliminating a people based on genetics, but rather in putting a stop to a threat that otherwise would not have stopped.

            The truth is, what Japan was doing at the time was true genocide; they were slaughtering millions of people for no other reason than the glory of the Japanese Empire.

        • Ahem. Japan and Germany committed rather famous slaughter over ideology and ego. The assholes running Japan then chose death over surrendering for everyone because of ideology and ego. They mass murdered their own civilians while giving grenades to ones who would listen, telling them to commit mass suicide rather than let Americans capture them because of ideology and ego. Even after the bombs dropped, Japan’s chain of military command still had members killing each other and ready to overthrow the emperor himself to prevent surrender because of ideology and ego. That was kind of Japan’s thing in those days.

          But, as you keep proving, certain jackasses have a talent for missing the point, even when it’s punctuated by two nukes. Fanatical, ignorant dipshits like you are trying to rewrite history and even the victims. On behalf of everybody in Japan who doesn’t want that bullshit repeating, go fuck yourself with a grenade. Your unmedicated, inbred opinions are bad enough staining the reputation of fiction.

  6. I remember watching this on TV as a child. It was not only a great, spooky movie, but also my first introduction to the ‘evil inside all people’s minds’ concept. Early psychology, you might say. Who says you can’t learn from SF? 😀

    (Btw, another homage to the movie is DC’s Warworld, a cross between the Death Star and the Great Machine that Superman foe (and Thanos stand-in) Mongul tried to make use of, only to have his brain overwhelmed by the controls.)

  7. Robbie the Robot even had a cameo in the Twilight Zone, he’s one of the great robot actors, his filmography can easily rival some human actors in fact…I wonder if he has an IMDB page…

  8. Kelvarin Blight

    I do like this movie it is one of my favorites, and the review was great. This movie is a great example of the evolution of a plot hole in to plot points. Are the animals projections from the machine? why would the Krell install a self destruct on their master work? And several others that the writers more than likely did not think about but fans have created back story for.

  9. Saw this late at night on TNT back in the 90’s and had no idea Leslie Neilson was a dramatic actor before Airplane and the Naked Gun (Police Squad). I bought a DVD copy years ago and though I don’t watch it often I don’t regret the purchase. I can watch it and find it hard to believe it was made in the 50’s because of its visual quality. It looks better than Star Trek in many respects and that was made ten years later.
    Thanks for the review.

    R.I.P. James Best – July 26, 1926 ~ April 6, 2015

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