SF Debris: Iron Giant

A boy befriends a gigantic robot that comes to Earth, eats metal, and teaches us all a valuable lesson in not attacking Maine with a nuclear weapon.

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  1. I personally enjoy this film, and if ind it one of the better made american animation. I am glad he was able to use the superman reference in the film giving that when we think all that is good and rightious is the man of steel.

    • Yes, that is one of best and mostly overlooked western animation ever made. Not as good as Secret of NIMH, but still great one..

      • ManWithGoodTaste

        I don’t think you CAN compare Giant to NIMH. They are too different to compare.

        IMO they are equally good execution wise, although NIMH has less mass appeal (it’s called a “kult klassik” for nothing).

  2. The moral of the story is that if an Alien comes to Earth and is completely harmless, do not tell the US Military, otherwise they’ll just f**k everything up!

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    So this movie is based on The Iron Man, huh? Where’s Stark? Will Sam Jackson be showing up shouting that he has had it with these *&^%$#@! Hydra on this *&^%$#@! Helicarrier?

  4. I love this movie, and I don’t find your snarky comments amusing. Not trying to stop you, just wanted you to know why I quit watching halfway through.

    • You don’t really love something if you can’t bear to hear even good natured snark or criticism about it. Loving something means you like it in spite of it’s flaws or shortcomings, not pretending they don’t exist. I love Babylon 5 and think it’s one of the, if not the, best serialized science fiction television show ever made. Yet I fully acknowledge that show has laundry list of issues from cheap low budget sets to sometimes wooden acting and CGI that has not aged well. Nothing is perfect. Also his overall opinion was very positive, had you bothered to make it to the end.

      • I’ve enjoyed the snark in other pieces, but in this he seemed to be really stretching. Like comparing bad B movie acting to porn. The more I watched this, the more annoying it got. To me, that is. You like it? Watch it in good health. Me? Not so much, and I’ll say so. Have a fine day.

  5. I wanted to particularly thank you for that comment you made about the US military being an instrument near the end.

    A soldier does not choose to go to war, the Government (ran by the people) chooses to go to war. THEY send the military to fight wars OR they send us to go on Humanitarian missions (like helping Tsunami or Ebola victims).

    Most soldier I know do not want to fight, we will if our nation tells us to. Far too many people fail to realize that.

  6. ManWithGoodTaste

    Don’t let this go to your head, but you are one of the best contributors to this place.

    Also, stop worshiping Pixar.

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