SF Debris: Rise and Fall of the Comic Empire – Part 11

As Toy Biz battles a living Gordon Gekko for the future of Marvel, discord breaks out in the bullpen over the new line that might be the key to saving Marvel’s publishing line.

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  1. This miniseries needs to be a documentary to show people where greed and stupidity gets you. Seriously, the way the comics industry was nearly gutted because of so many stupid decisions is so mind-boggling I have to repeat the term ‘the clusterfuck that refused to die’ to describe it.

    Shit like this is why I have trouble trusting big businesses.

    • You can’t trust little businesses either, worked for enough family owned stores to know that. They’re not all cooked, but enough of them are, the same as big business.

    • Darn right it should be a documentary. This crap needs to be on the History Channel. As opposed to Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, Mountain Men, Axe Men, Swamp Men or anything with the word “Men” in the second half of the title . . . THIS is actual history.
      Does anyone remember the days when the History Channel actually aired programs about ACTUAL historical events? [I miss Dogfights and all those documentaries on naval disasters. 🙁 ]

  2. This is like a Brian DePalma film; overly juicy and intricate enough to make me have to watch it times over to holistically grasp it. Will I be able to get the DVD?

  3. This is definitely one of SFDebris best. So much history and intrigue going on that it sounds crazy that it happened because of a comic book company.

  4. Battle on Yonkers.
    food reference.

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