SF Debris: Rise and Fall of the Comic Empire Part 3

While Jim Shooter is fired from his own company, a group of disgruntled Marvel artists decide to go their own way, and like that, Image is born

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  1. And sadly most of these guys went back to the companies they left.

  2. The good part of these videos for me is that I can finally put faces together with the names I heard were involved.

  3. I love these videos of yours. Very informative and almost on a documentary Level. You should think about getting together with some screenwriter and try to write a semi-fictional movie about the thematic.

  4. Very fluent take on the corporate structure of a significant comic-era. Very rich, considering there’s another episode.

  5. I don’t think Liefeld “screwed up” anything, having watched the documentary on Image Comics(Image Revolution) people like Macfarlane and Silvestri were not getting treated nearly as well as they should’ve been, they would’ve stayed with Marvel had the higher-ups not dickishly tried to prevent them from ever writing and owning their own characters.

  6. You’re hate boner for Liefeld is quite pathetic frankly, you’re not going to “lose credibility” for not burning the guy at the stake, don’t be so fucking melodramatic

  7. Savage Dragon is NOT a Hulk rip-off fool.

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