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Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide looks at North Star. In the midst of facing an enemy plotting the destruction of the Earth we have an important side mission: visiting a planet of cowboys. Obviously you see the connection.

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  1. When I saw that this episode was named North Star and had cowboys in it, I assumed that it was paying tribute to Bravestarr.

    Turned out it was just a random “let’s have a wild west themed episode”.

  2. Was that sheriff Ron Swanson? IMDB doesn’t have him listed for the episode, but it’s often incomplete…

  3. it just too bad they didn’t do more with the story. There some interesting thing in it but it clear they didn’t think it through well enough. of course they never think things through in enterprise for some odd reason. they always end up doing stuff that bite them on the nose

  4. SchrodingersCat

    I’ve seen KIDS’ shows pull off a Sci-Fi/Western storyline, much better than this!

    Saber Rider And The Star Sheriffs, Silver Hawks, The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers, and of course, Brave Starr.

  5. So… Wait a minute… Racism is bad??? I am so glad Enterprise had the courage to center an episode around this daring message!

    Just saying, having more blacks as the human cowboys would’ve been more historically accurate, too. Maybe they wanted to be “sensitive” and not put black humans in a bad light. Or maybe they wanted to make this specifically the theme-park version of the west rather than realism. Or, as Marveryn notes, maybe they just didn’t think that through. For me, the biggest problem with Enterprise was always the writing. Hell, the only Star Trek actor I’ve ever thought *bad* was Beltran.

    To be honest, FWIW, I liked it as much as “Fistful of Datas.” Which isn’t “wow!” (to me), but isn’t “I want my money back,” either.

    • I like Fistful of Datas better. Mostly because I like Spiner’s acting, and the jokes on Worf.

    • I’m honestly not sure if Robert Beltran was a bad actor or not, given how little purpose and characterization the Voyager writers gave Chakotay. It was often hard to tell what was bad acting and bad writing.

      Random note: Was I the only one who thought of Michael Caine in ‘Goldmember’ when Chuck brought up Archer’s hypocrisy towards racism?

      “There are two things I cannot stand in this world: People who are intolerant towards other peoples’ cultures…and the Dutch.”

      But anyway, ‘Northstar’ is one of those stories where after watching you just scratch your head and ask, “Why does this exist?” It doesn’t further story or character, it’s not fun or original or thought-provoking, and its attempt at having a moral is so clich√© and ham-fisted as to be insulting.

      • Beltran is a decent enough actor, he just really hated Voyager.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if Beltran were capable of a much better performance, but I’d say that being intentionally bad is just another way of being bad.

          Look at “Threshold” — McNeill was evolving into a newt because he went warp 10, but it looks to me like the actor is still trying his best.

          • And the makeup team went so all out that they won an Emmy–the only time Voyager won in that category. (It also won for a few special effects episodes, some hairstyling, and for the opening theme.)

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