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Opinionated DS9 episode Guide looks at Body Parts. Quark is forced into a contract where he must sell his body, and Keiko’s baby must be put in someone else. Thank God those two plots are unrelated.

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  1. Why is this titled as TNG?

  2. I thought the ferengie half of this episode was pretty enjoyable, at least as far as ferengie episodes go. Armin Shimerman is a talented actor and really makes Quark work as a character, Andrew Robinson’s Garak is always fun to watch as well.

    The baby plot i never cared for. It gave keiko some good character moments but it was mostly just silly, even by trek standards and the plot doesn’t really go anywhere interesting despite winding through multiple episodes.

    • they’re kinda justified in it not going anywhere since it was a handwave to address the fact that Nana Visitor was pregnant without coming off as creepy, since “emergency surrogate mother” works a helluva lot better than “knocked up and dumped,” since at this time Kira wasn’t romantically involved with any regulars.
      It didn’t go anywhere because the writers had no real desire to beyond tiny subplots. It was simply necessity, and comes off as such.

  3. hmm…Quark promised his corpse to that guy when he died…but did they specify exactly when that would happen? Because if he didn’t then he could have lived another 50 years and technically not broken it as long as it went to the right place when it eventually happened.

  4. I have to say, that Star Trek: DS9, and ST: Voyager handled the pregnancies of Nana Visitor (Major Kira Nerys on DS9) , and Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna Torres on Voyager) a lot better than most Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Drama shows handle their lead actresses’ pregnancies.
    Daweson’s first pregnancy was explained as being a holographic fetus (long story) which meant that as soon as she left the holodeck, it disappeared, without any repercussions.
    Nana Visitor’s character’s pregnancy was written as being an emergency surrogate (again, with no lasting repercussions for Kira).

    When Gillian Anderson got pregnant during the second season of X-Files, instead of explaining it as being the love-child of Fox Mulder (which most of the fans WANTED) , the writers decided to go with the Women-In-Refrigerators route and have it be the result of Dana Scully being abducted, violated, and artificially inseminated by aliens, and then being too stupid to get an abortion.

    When Renee O’Conner (who played Gabrielle on Xena) got pregnant, the writers decided to explain it in the show, as being a result of her being violated by a demon while being tied to an altar.
    Of course, the child grew to adulthood in a few months, became the equivalent of the Anti-Christ, and caused a lot of pain and suffering to her mother, and many others, for quite some time.

    When Lucy Lawless got pregnant while filming Xena, instead of having it be the love-child of her and Hercules (as many viewers wanted), the writers had the conception explained as being the result of an evil spell cast on her by a sorceress (no father involved).

    • As chuck pointed out in his reviews, the X-Files pregnancy arc for Scully really doesn’t fall into the negative refrigerator trope. Yes it has the same outcome but The X-Files made heavy use of everything involved with real life UFO mythology and did so by playing it straight. Sightings, Abduction, experimentation, lost time, mysterious chip implants, conspiracies, regressive hypnosis and many more points used throughout the X-Files are all key parts of the mythology . While they can seem cliche and silly at face value – they weren’t handled that way. This includes the idea of alien impregnation, it’s another aspect of the real world mythology they incorporated into the story.

      Admittedly Scully was captured or imperiled a little to often for my taste, but the pregnancy story line I’m not at all bothered by personally. I’d much rather see plots like these than what DS9 did here which amounted to nothing but filler, they didn’t even use it to explore Kira’s character – she is absolutely no different after the birth than she was before while by contrast Scully (and the series in general) is fundamentally changed by her abduction and everything that results from it.

      side note, why did people want scully/mulder to hook up so badly? It never felt like they had any sexual chemistry to me. I could see when the writers were trying to give them sexual chemistry, but the scenes I felt always fell flat – mostly because they just seemed wooden. I really bought them as friends more than anything, a kind of band of brothers bond, but romance.. eh. Of course it’s TV so you can’t have two single leads of the opposite sex be just friends. Ironically I thought Gabrielle and Xena had boatloads more sexual chemistry, though given the time it was on tv it’s no mystery why it was never really explored.

  5. Moviemantweeter1999

    I’ll say I am now a full blown fan of yours,really good review too. It I have a question was brunt the annoying kid character or that man character(I believe it was the kid actor since most of the kid characters and there actors are annoying but I’m not sure).

    • Kid character? The Ferengi boy (if that is who you mean) is Nog (his actor wasn’t actually that young, just short), Brunt is the weasley looking Ferengi guy harassing Quark.

      If you haven’t found it already, SFDebris.com is Chucks actual website with all of his archived reviews.

  6. The Ferengi are always so charming!

    They should get their own series. Make it a sitcom. It could be called Meet the Ferengi!

  7. And this is why you always get a second opinion on medical matters.

  8. I think having their religion center around money actually helps explain the Ferengi. Their society is basically run by religious zealots.

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