SF Debris – Star Trek (TOS): Day of the Dove

Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide looks at a confrontation between our heroes and Klingons aboard the Enterprise while everyone is armed with medieval weapons. Star Trek plus larping could reach nerd critical mass.

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  1. So, did the entity in this episode ever return? Was it ever named, in some novel or Wiki maybe?

  2. Wait… did SF Debris really just excused himself for the fact that he didn’t have an eulogy for Nimoy at the ready in case he died?

    So he excused himself for not being corpse desecrating vulture like most news outlets?

  3. I hears some audio glitches around the 1 minute mark.

  4. Well, Kirk does like tickling ladies of all types with pink feathers.

  5. Wow, I never notice that the Original Star Trek did Minstrel Shows.

    • The original Trek was filled with all sorts of unusual goodies. There’s a reason so many people treat it like the gospel of some kind of science fiction god. There’s also a reason those people are treated by non-Trekers pretty close to how heathens treat Christians.

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