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Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide finds a colony of Talaxians living on an asteroid. The miners find them irritating but since they’re Talaxians that’s not a surprise.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Talaxians? Wasn’t that the name of an early 80s Space Invaders clone?

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    The Harkonians hate them? You mean that race of fat people who float around with all kinds of sores on their faces? Or the blond spiky-haired ones in gold speedos?

  3. I think that the Talaxians got to where they were by way of an unstable wormhole that collapsed after they went through.

    Or spontaneously developed sapience and promptly destroyed itself rather than continue existing in such a violated state.

  4. Honestly, I don’t particularly hate Neelix… Granted, I see him as one of the weakest characters in Star Trek, but I will argue that he is a better character than Wesley.

    I mean, Neelix was sort of a Self Aware Wesley, the impression is tollerated rather than liked. Rather than Wesley which it was a case of “You don’t like him? Well then let’s just have everyone talk about what a great guy he is until you agree to like him.”

    • I don’t see how anyone could get a self aware vibe from Neelix. Yes the writers knew people didn’t like him, but they kept right on writing him as the same obnoxious character he was from start to finish. Neelix was essentially Trek’s Jarjar Binx, clearly intended to be an endearing comedic relief character that completely and totally failed.

      Sure he’s better, in some ways, than Wesley (though Wesley was never directly responsible for killing members of the Enterprise crew via incompetence or shown to be an ultra possessive borderline abusive dickbag towards a girlfriend) but that’s a very very low bar.

      It’s kind of like saying Star Trek Generations isn’t the worst Trek movie because Star Trek V exists. Sure, it’s true, but only because you are so at the bottom of the barrel there’s just no further down to go.

      I will say Ethan Phillips is by far a better actor than Wil Wheaton was as a kid, but he rarely got any material that allowed him to show that talent off.

      • What really boggles me is that if the writers decided to write Neelix off the ship, why do it here, so close to the end?

        If this had happened early Season 4 or late Season 3 after him and Kes had broken up it could’ve worked a lot better. Fans who hated Neelix would’ve been happy to see him go, and fans who liked him would’ve probably appreciated the nice send-off. (It also would’ve made more sense that there would be Talaxians around before Kes sent Voyager ahelluvalotof lightyears away.)

        But doing this near the end makes no sense, as fans who hated Neelix still had to put up with seven seasons of him, and fans who liked him were annoyed that he was with the crew so long only to never reach Earth with everyone else. Doing it like this didn’t please anyone.

        • That kind of describes Voyager in a nutshell though doesn’t it? In the end it just pissed everyone off in one way or another. I mean look at the pairing up of Chakotay and Seven of Nine in that same season. I remember watching that episode when it was broadcast and being entirely confused where any of it came from, as it was never set up to any degree and all it did was annoy everyone.

          while it’s a bit snarky, I could also point out that technically they didn’t show anyone get back to earth since that lousy finale cut to black before they reached the planet. Heh..

          Given the quality of the shows writing, I don’t know if anything would have come of it – but I would much rather have had Neelix go as you suggest and had the show keep Kes. While her species made no sense and her early naivety was a bit annoying, I liked the actress and the character had the potential to be interesting.

          *sigh* I’m really just saddened to see what one of my favorite franchises has had done to it. It doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon either, latest news about “Star Trek Reboot 3” is the writer had to scrap the script because the studio said it was “too Star Treky”..

        • Neelix was the only Delta Quadrant alien whose fate was unknown. While he stayed with them, he had no desire to head back to the Alpha Quadrant. (Icheb, on the other hand, had decided to enter Starfleet).

          It didn’t make sense for him to go home with them, so they came up with an alternate happy ending where he would get to be with his people.

          • It never made any sense of Neelix to stick around unless he was sponging off of Voyager for his own gain. Given the way he was living when they found him I’d say he was doing precisely that. I actually find it hard to believe he’d want to stop doing so. Why stay with a bunch of people who are fairly likely to get killed rather than with the people who’ve pampered him like an obnoxious pet for seven years?

  5. You are far too merciful Chuck. A more appropriate punishment would be to force Nelix to eat his own food until he poisons himself!

  6. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Jesus Christ. Three CA reviews in a row, three Jar Jar hate comments (Sibling Rivalry: Dungeons and Dragons, Brandon Tenold: Mysterious Island, and now this). Are the people here really able to think of nothing else? Or are they just lazy?

  7. Say what you want about Whestly Crusher….at least he was USEFUL on occasion.
    And didn’t look like a cross between a giant hairball, and an infectee of the Plague.

  8. Guess I should actually see TIG now.

  9. The late departure was another symptom of Voyagers long term story issues. If you are making a trip clear across space then losing and gaining new interesting crew members would be one of the draws of the show.

    It would have been really interesting if, by the time they reached Earth, few if any of the human crew remained and instead the crew was made up of the refugees and converts they had picked up along the way, underlining how the Federation is a bright light at the end of a tunnel that appeals to many people of all types rather than just a home for people to come back to.

    • I think the head of the makeup department would have murdered someone if they did that though.

    • Along with many other things, that might have also solved Voyager’s shuttlecraft problem. If they were bringing in new races and alliances with their own smaller ships, those could eventually serve as replacements once the Federation shuttles were lost or destroyed.

  10. I may be in a minority of Star Trek fans but I actually like Voyager. However, I also like watching your SFDebris episodes mocking Voyager episodes 🙂

  11. I can’t help but think the ‘solution’ to the Talaxians’ issues was rather terrible compared to a possibility that was presented in the very same episode.

    The Talaxians’ greatest technology (to the point where it was really the only thing they could offer the miners) would seem to be their highly efficient geothermal tech. So advanced that they can power their civilization and an array of shields around their asteroid from a (relatively) small object that even Pluto would laugh off as being way too small to be a planet.

    Now – they had been given the option of relocating to a suitable M-class planet, and Neelix had talked them into at least defending themselves with shields… Conceivably with their hyper-efficient geothermal tech – the energy they could produce on an M-class planet would be FAR greater. With enough time they could potentially surround the ENTIRE PLANET with a shield – with quadruple redundancy. While, yes – building the infrastructure to accomplish this would take time, they’d really only need to start with a bubble around their initial settlement and work outwards.

    If the shields are enough to keep these miners at bay – it would probably work just as well against whatever threat *eventually* wanted them off the planet. Additionally, an M-class planet would give them a far greater base to expand and populate their civilization than the inside of that asteroid. And for how long would those shields *REALLY* protect their asteroid? The mining aliens have already demonstrated that they are displeased by the Talaxians’ presence there and that they are not above using force to mine the asteroid, so how long will shields really last?

    Shields are forever being overpowered, overtaxed, and bypassed in Star Trek, and Neelix would know this first-hand from his time on Voyager. The only thing shielding the asteroid had done is infuriate the miners – who now have a stationary target they can test any new weapons tech on until they crack the egg.

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