Stargate Atlantis – A Trio of Rodney McKay Episodes

SF Debris looks at a trio of Rodney McKay episodes, from the heights of godhood to the lows of near mindlessness.

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. It’s a nitpick, but the term “Tao” is actually pronounced “Dow”. I know, it doesn’t make much sense in our language for it to be spelled with a T instead of a D, but I’m not a Chinese linguist so I can’t explain it.

    • Yeah, we mentioned that when he first released it.

      Though technically, it’s not a “D”. It’s a T without aspiration. It’s like the T in the word stop. We use a D in English because it’s the closest sound you can get that is never aspirated.

      And the reason why is simple: Tao with the normal T is a different word in Chinese, and means peach.

    • From what I can gather, it’s the result of a major issue with the way Chinese characters were transcribed into the Latin Alphabet early on. The issue has been corrected in modern times, but “taoism” had already been accepted into the English language before then.

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      Which is a little odd, because I’m pretty sure that Chuck has demonstrated that he speaks at least a little Chinese in other reviews.

  2. great job on the trio of on Rodney McKay. Rodney McKay Character is the one that get the most development in Stargate.

  3. Oh, McKay.

    Always asking precisely what the audience is thinking so the show can answer potential plot-holes without feeling awkward.

  4. A nitpick about the review of The Game – The B-Plot is necessary to show the ease with which power corrupts.
    Unlike Sheppard and McKay Lorne and Zelenka go into it with the express knowledge that these are real people with real lives yet still cannot see when they start to go too far.
    Without the B-Plot it becomes little more than an attack on Sheppard and McKay’s world views.

    P.S. The Game is easily amongst my Top 5 Atlantis Episodes if not #1.

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